Autism Acceptance Month Day 3: Our Big Shopping Day and Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus

There were no reports of buildings “Lighting it Up Blue” reported this morning that I know of, but I was probably shopping at Walmart when they were reported. (Not even the currently tone deaf 1600 Pennsylvania Ave place.) That is good news to me. Anyway, it’s still almost all Covid-19 reporting. But, it was a new month, and we had bills to pay, and groceries to buy, as usual. 

Normally, my mother and I go pay bills and do major grocery shopping at a bunch of stores. This month, however, we could bring it down to two stores. We still filled up our refrigerator and pantry anyway, even with the limits placed on us. We don’t panic buy. We never did. Fortunately, the people at the stores have finally taken the social distancing seriously. They were spaced six feet apart when they could be, and were only coughing into their sleeves (like me – I have allergies right now). Also, Walmart finally has traffic control. You had to go up one way on one aisle, and the other way the next. It took a pandemic, but Walmart finally has traffic control. I finally avoided the road rage I normally get.

Anyway, we could not skim down our bill paying sites, but we now know we can carry much less cash on us. That’s good news, I hope. We’ll soon be going out to get some mask making materials, and the yarn for the blanket I mentioned before. Anyway, we’ll be going back to chillin’ like a villain at home for the time being. We prefer doing that now anyway.  

A couple Autism Acceptance minuses at the grocery stores we went to: at the Walmart, there were two shirts on sale, in the boys’ section only (bleggh), with puzzle pieces on them (double bleggh). Also, at Kroger, a woman was wearing a shirt, sanctioned by Kroger, depicting a ribbon of puzzle pieces on it (bleggh). So there is truth to the fact that we still have a ways to go.  

Will somebody listen to us that we have chosen a new autism symbol of our own?

This is That Symbol!

Autism Acceptance Day 2: The Evening

CW: Covid-19, Autism Speaks, blue lit buildings

I have heard very little today, because right now it’s mostly Covid-19 news. My state, Kentucky, had a lot of deaths and a lot of new cases. Fortunately, we have a good guy in our governor’s seat.

One shock I have heard is that I learned Nickelodeon has sided with Autism Speaks. I also heard the head of Viacom, the parent company, is on the Autism Speaks board. If I understand is correctly, Autism Speaks hates the autistic mind, simply because it is different from the neurotypical mind. To understand, watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers and imagine the humans as autistic, and the replicating pods as Autism Speaks agents. I hope you’ll understand.

The sun is setting now where I am. I think most of us in the US can avoid the blue-lit buildings for the most part by staying home. Unfortunately, they might show up in news reports and the internet. Hopefully, there are others lit gold or rainbow.

Correction: Autism ACCEPTANCE Month Day 2: The Big, Bad Blue Day Changeover.

Now, I know Autism “Speaks” pretty much still has this day walled up, but I can see the walls are cracking. There have been places that “Light it Up Gold” or red instead of blue, for example. Also, I, among others, are wearing alternative colors, like red for me and gold or taupe. Keep working at it, guys. We’ve still got a ways to go, but we’re beginning to get there.  

I do apologize for calling it Autism “Bewareness” Month. I forgot for a day that we’re beginning to turn it around.  

I’ll keep you posted on the day’s events, everyone. My mind may change throughout the day – multiple times, even.

Autism Awareness Month Day 1 in Quarantine

Content Warning: Autism Speaks, coronavirus, discrimination

The wonderful Autism Awareness Month has commenced. We are going to see puzzle pieces everywhere. Tomorrow, stuff is going to “light it up blue,” meaning I didn’t exist until recently, when Autism Speaks decided to add a few pretty colors to the blue puzzle piece. That’s what the blue means.

One good thing about Autism Awareness Month this year is that a majority of people are being forced to live in a world they were not made for, which is kind of a karmic retribution for discrimination, I think. Here’s the deal: Many of us are being recommended to stay six feet away from non-roommates, and at home with only our roommates, to avoid spreading a current plague known as Coronavirus, or Covid-19. Some of us autistic people are hunky dory in this. Many neurotypicals, not so much. Who’s laughing at whom now?

I must admit I did get a little smug back there, but it’s so hard to keep my cool when people are being rejected for being different, like me.

Quarantine Life, Day…Whatever, it all Runs Together After a While

I try not to be arrogant. The reason I’m talking about tips on staying home is that my mother and I have done this staying home thing for years. I’m on disability; she is on Social Security. It’s not like we’re robbing banks and throwing money out the window; we stay home during the end of the month. I only wanted to help, and offer a preview of what we as a collective people in quarantine may be dealing with. That’s why I mentioned the weird sleep schedules I have been plagued with for years. Of course, it’s not easy when your mother is the only person you speak with on a regular basis.  It often gets lonely when people do not call. (Of course you know this; a regular reader has read my whining about nobody calling for months.) Now, in recent weeks, I have developed a hard shell around my heart concerning my relatives; it would be nice for them to call, but if they don’t, they should not expect me to. I don’t have half their numbers. They never gave them to me. Survival of callousness must be achieved somehow.

I have an upcoming task at hand to keep me busy for a month or two. I will be crocheting a blanket for my new niece/nephew coming into the world. They will be adorable! That ought to help things. Anyway, how is your quarantine going? I would like to hear from you.  

Cleanliness Routines: Absolutely Necessary in Lockdown!

I shaved my legs last night. That’s right. With a razor. No, I am not going to meet anyone right now. (With a global pandemic out there?!) Anyway, why am I telling you this? I just noticed that there was one extremely important factor missing in my diatribes about how to not go stir crazy: the importance of keeping up your cleanliness and care routines.  

It’s not important that you put on makeup, unless it’s necessary for you. If it is, more power to you. What I am talking about is regular bathing and skincare.  

The reason I am talking about this right now is that I learned this lesson the hard way: if I personally don’t keep my cleanliness and skincare routines up, my acne acts up! Do I have to explain why I don’t like zits on my face?  

It’s not out of some perceived notion of arrogance; I have been fairly isolated taking care of my mother for more than ten years. For more on what it’s like for her, please check out The Incredible Shrunk World of the Disabled Person. Without a job, or some semblance of routine, you have to make your own. Showering and care routines will help that.  And you’ll like yourself better if you keep clean and good-smelling.

Big Trouble at the Little Kroger

CONTENT WARNING: This is basically a rant.

Unfortunately, my mother and I had to go to the grocery store because we had run out of certain essentials. What I noticed at the store (and ONLY at the store, mind you) troubled me greatly.  

It was impossible to practice social distancing there. Everybody invaded my six-foot perimeter with reckless abandon. Even as I was coughing. (I have allergies right now. I have had them for months.) 

But the trend was not just with me, because my mother and I normally don’t have the spoons or money to go out much, anyway. It was among the other people, too. They were hugging, talking very close to each other, patting each other on the back, almost as if there was no coronavirus to speak of. 

I wonder how much that will change when the first covid-19 test comes back positive?  

Maybe that’s the problem. Covid-19 has not infected anybody “yet” in the county. (“Yet” is in quotes due to the nature of covid-19.) Maybe that’s the problem. People have been tested here, but no positive cases…”yet.”  

Why aren’t people taking this issue seriously? It’s real. Covid-19 has infected a bunch of people in the next county over! Of course, it’s Lexington, the second largest city in Kentucky, so cities would probably see a spike in cases first, but that’s beside the point. We are a suburb of Lexington, and coronavirus is coming. Like a slow-moving army out to defeat you, it’s coming.  

Please, be a little more standoffish right now, guys. My mother and I are dependent on this. We are both vulnerable people.