Help is Good

I recently learned of Michelle WIlliams (the singer) getting help for depression. I think it’s good and healthy to consult a professional about your problems-you know, someone who can help. But people only get worried and concerned. Why do people get concerned when a person actually gets help for a lingering mental illness? I think it’s more worrying when a person does NOT seek help for their mental conditions. That’s when the real messes are made. Here’s an example: When I learned that Hayden Panettiere was getting help for her postpartum depression, I knew that concern time was over. She was putting herself in good hands. Don’t you think a celebrity like her would get the best help she could afford? What’s the problem? 

Maybe there’s something else at work. A joke I recently came across went like this: “When I go to the therapist, I have to be honest, but not so honest that she will commit me.” Truth be told, getting put in a mental ward is only good for a select few, and you must meet certain narrow criteria for it. If you keep taking your prescribed medicine as directed by the psychiatrist, you should be able to keep going in your life without any interruptions. Give the medicine time if it works. Keep taking the medicine if it does. And speak up if the medicine is not working for you.  


Race and Hollywood: My Beef with the Ancient One’s Casting

I know that in my previous article, I was focused on race a bit. It did seem like it was only black and white, did it not? Well, I’m back to say that people of almost all races are at risk of discrimination. Case in point: I was mad as hell that the Ancient One in Doctor Strange was not Asian. It was explained to the public that the characterizations of the Ancient One would be stereotypical.  Don’t you think, for instance, Lucy Liu would be dying to bust stereotypes she has faced all her life? What about the beautiful Tamlyn Tomita? Is Hollywood so racist that they cannot trust their Asian actors to break their own stereotypes? Maybe that’s it. Hollywood is so racist that they cannot trust ANY actors to break their own stereotypes. Boy, do we have a long way to go.  

Race and Music

Something that grinds my gears is the notion that race decides your musical tastes. Some people have it in their heads that if you’re black you must listen to this music and if you’re white, you must listen to that music. If you ask me, that notion is ridiculous. There are race-crossing musicians appearing all the time. Eminem, Darius Rucker, In Living Color, Killswitch Engage’s lead singer, Sevendust’s lead singer, the list goes on and on. Maybe my opinion is more popular than I think, but I am stating that when a person likes a certain genre of music, they ought to be given free rein to explore and develop their talent to fit said genre. I grew up in the 1990s. I liked En Vogue and TLC as much as I liked Nirvana. “Free Your Mind” helped me challenge my views of many different types of people. Even back then, I got the feeling that this notion of race deciding musical taste was creeping into society. As I said before, just ridiculous.  

Who Defines the “Mildness” of Autism?

I have a confession to make: I used to say I have “mild” autism. It was never “mild” to me, though. I mean, sure, it might be “mild” and invisible to the neurotypicals, but you never know the struggle it is to come up with the right word so as not to be blasted or ostracized for being weird. You don’t know which strange sight, sound or smell will throw me off. You don’t even know how hard it can be for me to communicate for me, either. But you don’t consider me, do you? Autism is one of the few conditions defined by how the non-sufferer (for lack of a better word) experiences it.

Why is that? Why is it that autism is defined by the non-autistic? Is race defined by the privileged? Has anyone even considered that autistic people experience everything differently? That we have a viewpoint that might be valuable? Or are you too busy classifying our viewpoints as worthless simply because we don’t communicate them the way you want us to?

On Stimming: My Stimming Story


My stimming story is a little different from other people’s stimming stories. My initial stim was a monotone hum. Unfortunately, that was an unacceptable one. My mother asked what it was for. I said it was to get rid of excess energy. Eventually, my mother would tell me to go run up and down the hall. (We had a long hallway in our house.) I found better ways to stim as a person throughout my life, even when I was not allowed to stim by my sisters. (I was also not allowed to enjoy my own money or mental safety.) Of course, once I got away from my sisters, I was “allowed” to stim again. Strangely enough, I did not stim too much.

There are many times and ways I stim, but one thing they have in common: they are to get rid of excess emotional energy. That means, stimming can come at any time, for any reason. It’s a comfort that many neurotypicals do not understand or apparently need, so they always want us to not do it. They don’t want any indication that we are autistic. I say, screw them.

White Genocide: Fear or Guilty Conscience?

I have stared into the abyss of racism. And it was not pretty. I made the mistake of web searching white genocidethis morning, and boy, was it ugly. Fear and racism everywhere. But my question is why? Why are we so afraid of persons of color? Is it a numbers game, or a guilty conscience?

 Lets be honest here, a guilty conscience is the reason most white genocide fears keep going. Lets start with the obvious: Genocide? Strangely enough, there are instances of genocide in white history. Another fear: Enslavement? Yes, there is racial enslavement in white history. We fought a Civil War to end it. Taking our jobs and resources? Hell, that sounds like karma. Weve been taking the best of all the world for years! The Koh-I-Noor Diamond, from what is now Iran? On top of the British Queen Mothers crown. Now, Im not condemning the British Monarchy by any means. What I am saying is that since white people have thought themselves superior, they have run roughshod over all the other races, leaving them to think that if the other races gain control, they will run roughshod over them. Its all in guilt and shame.

I know just about nobody will change their mind by just what I say or write. I’ve even been called a race traitor. But if being a race traitor is what it takes to clear a guilty conscience, then why not?