On Jillian Michaels

You think I would not have anything to say about Jillian Michaels? After she slammed Lizzo’s size? You don’t know me.

Dear Jillian Michaels:

Am I less of a person because of my weight?

Because that’s what I hear you say about Lizzo.

You think Lizzo is worth hating because of her size.

As well as me, I assume.


Cambria Jenkins.

Isolation in Family

Well, what can we say about the year 2020 in the first nine days? We’ve had impeachment stalling, a potential war with Iran, and all of this experienced in isolation from the family.  

About the family isolation: They did not even invite us this year. We would have gone this year to the family Christmas get together, too.  

No one but my brother and one aunt even called on Christmas Day.  

But I’m not entirely innocent, either, I must confess. I forgot to call my aunt in Seattle.  

You see, I was so busy waiting for love from my blood relatives in Kentucky, that I forgot about my aunt in Seattle, the one who truly loves me. I am truly sorry.  

Why do I torture myself wanting love from these people in Kentucky, when they never give love to me? When was the last time they called? 

They have never called.  

I am holding back tears (not very well, I must add) writing this. Hopefully, my mother does not notice.  

Goodbye 2019

Well, it’s that time of year again. The end of it. Of course, it is now the beginning of 2020 in the Sydney, Australia. (It is just after 9:00 a.m. my time, USA Eastern Standard, if curious.) So, what’s the big deal, anyway? It’s just the passage of time. I mean, most cities have their ceremonies and firework displays, but it’s simply the turning of the clock. Maybe it is a bigger deal than I think.

2019 was not that great a year. Look back at my previous posts, and you’ll see a lot of ups and downs. I got scammed and will pay money to the bank for months to come, but I also got a lovely new decorating color scheme for Christmas. Unfortunately, I was not as active in the community as I wanted to be, considering it all, but I am just dying to get back into it in 2020.

Now, I am usually pretty excited to shuffle off the skin of the old year, like a snake, and grow into the new one as it comes across the globe. SPOILER ALERT: This year is no different. In fact, I am now more excited to do this.

So, 2020: Are you ready?

My Annual Christmas Blues

Well, this is a pickle. I thought they would not come this year. After all, it’s not like I miss anyone who never calls, writes or sends anything.

But here I was, boohooing over the fact that relatives geographically close to my mother and me never even called or sent a Christmas card. I would love to pin those cards on full display around the kitchen doorway, on full display as I did in years past.

Why do I even worry or want to beg for love and affection from people who have none to give me?

My mother has her own way of dealing with these feelings of loneliness: she’s not going to hold a funeral. The logic is this: who would come? Or, who can really say goodbye when they never really said hello? She often says: “You don’t come when I’m alive, so don’t come when I’m dead!”

Is my mother right in dealing with the lack of affection in this manner?

At least I got a card from my uncle in Florida, a devotional book from my aunt in Washington, and several gifts from my brother in San Diego. I guess I should be happy about that. I don’t have to beg for love from them. But still, it’s hard when you feel all alone.

A Merry Little Christmas

Our Christmas is not going to be big, but I feel it will be peaceful. There’s our Christmas Eve traditions, and our Christmas Day meals. I cook, and we eat, and just have a nice time.

We kind of have to watch our wallets this year because we’re paying back the bank for rescuing us from a scam (See https://cambriaj1977.wordpress.com/2019/08/15/what-its-like-to-be-scammed-also-avoid-publishers-sweepstakes-association-like-the-plague/ is you like), but we’re getting through. Hopefully, we won’t be duped again.

Fortunately, we can watch our wallets pretty well now. Our income limits force us to live within our means, so we’ve lived frugally for a while now.

We’ll have the debt halfway paid in January.

Why I Have A Fake Tree

I think you can clearly see that the tree I have is not a “real” Christmas tree. I mean, you need flocking or snow to put white on a real one, right? It’s not a big thing as to what a person puts in their house around this time of year. Unfortunately, some people make it a big thing. There is apparently a feud I am not aware of going on.

First, in order to understand the feud, we have to define “real.” I mean, my tree exists in the dimensions of time and space. That’s not a hologram blocking my patio door.

But apparently, for a tree to be “real,” some insist that it has to have been growing in the ground at some point. I guess that’s fair.

Now, why is there a feud in this? There’s usually a good reason a person has either a real tree or a fake tree.

Honestly, I would prefer a real tree….

…but I’m allergic to real ones. I break out in hives while putting on the ornaments. It’s been that way since childhood.

Now that you know why I have this particular tree, why don’t we look at the reasons people are feuding, and why none of them really hold water in the sense of a feud.

The first one is, environmentalism. Apparently, having the tree I have is an environmental hazard, unless you keep it for some years. If you look back on Christmas decorations past, you will see that I have had this tree through what is now three decorating phases. I have had this tree since I decorated Christmas in purple, decorated Christmas in gold and silver, and decorated Christmas now in red, gold and silver. It’s been at least five years. Having a tree you can keep instead of throw away is very nice, as far as I am concerned.

Another one is the smell of pine needles and such. Unfortunately, some people are also allergic to this, including my mother. We don’t even change our air freshener scent for the season – where we have an air freshener.

There are more reasons, and I’m sure you can look these up.

However, I am not going to insist I feud with other people about Christmas trees. There are bigger things to be offended by. Poverty and racism, for example.

Usually, there is a really good reason behind a person’s choices. I have stated mine.

The best question, when you don’t understand the choice a person makes is this: