St. Patrick’s Day Adventure, Part 2

So I told you about my drive into downtown Lexington last time. I forgot to tell you about the Power Ranger couple walking past our car down the street. It was pretty typical: the Pink Ranger and the Green Ranger arm in arm. For those who don’t know, those two were a romantic couple in the series. Yes, I know, I’m a little old to know that (36), but my mother watched little kids to help with the money situation. They loved the Power Rangers. So, I knew the names of the first two or three groups of Power Rangers. But I digress: as it turns out, there were original cast members from the show there. Not bad, Lexington. My St. Patrick’s Day adventure did not end on Saturday, though: we celebrated on Monday, too – and not by getting stupid drunk on green swill, either. We simply had Corned Beef and Potatoes, Carrots and Cabbage, with Irish Soda Bread (made by me) and eating it with my nephew. I know it’s not the traditional Irish St. Patrick’s Day meal in Ireland-that would be lamb, I think-but it is here in the USA. I guess the Irish and the Jewish got together and shared the Corned Beef, and it became Irish-American eating. (I think that’s what Alton Brown said.) Of course, if I were to drink beer, on St. Patrick’s Day, it would be something genuinely Irish, like a Guinness. Of course, I could drink Irish whiskey, too. But then again, wouldn’t that be getting stupid drunk? Hopefully, I would have some self-control. I don’t drink that often, as in maybe once or twice a year, but I try to make it a pleasant, tasteful experience-as opposed to trashy and stupid. Of course, if I were by myself, I would probably blast U2 and the Cranberries for music. My mother can’t quite get into the more intense music of U2, so I decided to forego that. At least we had fun on St. Pat’s Day.


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