Current Issues and Rants

Unlike what people think, I tend to keep up with current issues. Some of them are relevant to people, others are not. Here’s a few of them:

Issue 1: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 

My heart is with the families of those on the plane. According to officials, the flight went down in the Southern Indian Ocean, far away from what was supposed to be a routine route from Malaysia to Beijing. Why in the world would the plane do that? It turned completely around. It makes no sense to me. Also, the Malaysian government said there were no survivors. It would be a miracle, but there might have been a survivor or two had they gotten word the plane was turned around early. I mean, why wait so long? You could wait for recovery efforts since there were no survivors now, but why were there no warnings? I think we need to find those black boxes NOW.

Issue 2: Kim and Kanye on the VOGUE cover

Okay, so a controversial couple are on the cover of VOGUE, and there is an uproar. “Everyone” is talking about it. People are cancelling subscriptions, the magazine is generally dissed… Am I the only one who finds all this uproar hilarious? I mean, there are more important things going on than a fashion magazine cover. I think if we ignore the Kardashians, E! will eventually get the hint. It may take seventy years, but I think if we ignore them, they will go away. 

Issue 3: Washington Mudslide

Now this is something to get in an uproar about. A mudslide claims lives, and more are missing, and it’s not being dwelt upon by Hollywood?! People are dead and missing! Maybe it’s because this has not happened in New York or Los Angeles. I’m not impressed, Hollywood. 

Issue 4: Vaccines

I am not impressed by those who are convinced vaccines caused their child’s autism. According to various studies trying to reproduce Andrew Wakefield’s vaccine-autism link study, the results could not be duplicated. There were also various flaws considering the research and records of the children involved with Wakefield’s study. Wakefield’s license was revoked. Of course, Jenny McCarthy, the most famous voice in the “vaccine injury” movement, will not stop. She will not look upon the evidence and instead blames it on a get-rich-quick conspiracy. Jenny, have you never been wrong? Is there no possibility that you could be wrong concerning your own child? 

Issue 5: The Worth of an Autistic Life

This subject is, to me, a very immediate one. When I asked my mother if she would abort me had she knew I had autism, she said no. With all the killing of people with autism by their own family members, I am not sure there are many people who are with her. Tell me, what is the worth of a life with autism? I’ve always been told life is precious. Perhaps this debate is not just the worth of a life with autism, but the worth of a life. 


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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