Yes, all women live in fear of rape and murder. I’ve been reading the site “When Women Refuse,” and now I’m scared to death. I have decided that unless I want to have sex with a man, to never go anywhere with him alone. I can’t risk my own safety. I mean, what do I do-put on a burka? Will that make you guys stop wanting to rape and murder me? I’m stuck having to give up everything I know about American safety, and act like I live in Afghanistan. Or, maybe, invent an invisibility cloak. I am completely scared. Do I simply assume that every man is an Ariel Castro, a Night Stalker? A Boston Strangler? A Ted Bundy? A Jack the Ripper? You notice I am naming men who have committed violence against women? How do we know you won’t rape and murder us? How do we know we can tell you? 

So, let’s talk about putting on a burka. Women, let’s get unsexy. Let’s put on burkas. Say goodbye to the bikini. Say goodbye to everything visible. Of course, that does not stop men from getting violent. Apparently, according to “http://www.cracked.com/article_19785_5-ways-modern-men-are-trained-to-hate-women.html”, women are all men think about, and they feel powerless. Powerless to stop your dicks? What, are you wimps? Wusses? Are you capable of such violence? Can we castrate you?

I’m not ready to castrate everybody. I’m ready to find out what keeps men from self-control. I once read an article in which one of the tenets of the End of the World is that women become as violent as men, and that is the rub. Men are, underneath, creatures capable of violence. And that is what women are afraid of. Yes, All Women. 

My Tendency to Stew

After a few days to think, my last post was definitely an overreaction. I believe this overreaction came from the copious amounts of ignorance brought on by media disinformation. I mean, is there a study that links autism and violence? Or, is it, from all the fear of autism perpetuated by the media, and the horrible films such as “I am Autism” ? Perhaps this is just a part of my tendency to stew in things. I should get over that. I know that dwelling and worrying are not healthy – but how to stop it? Give me some ideas. I’m kind of lonely out here and looking for people to help me.

“The Killer Had Aspergers” “The Killer Had Autism”… Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In all my fights against prejudice and discrimination, I never thought I would have to fight for myself. Two horrid shootings have taken place, and both of the shooters were falsely accused of having Autism or Asperger’s. Adam Lanza did not have Autism, and neither did Elliot Rodger. So, let’s assume they did. Does that mean I am a murderer too? Do you want to confront Rain Man in a dark alley? Shut up. The killers did not have autism, though the news media TRIED to link it to them. Besides, I hate guns. I hate their very nature, to bring death and harm upon an animal or human. Honestly, I’d rather hunt with a crossbow if anything. Of course, I am glad I do not have to. (I’ll explain in another post.) The constant and deliberate attempts by the media to link Temple Grandin to Jason Voorhees are sick, disgusting and wrong. How am I supposed to help people feel safe if they think I am a potential slasher?

Easy Targets

I apologize for not keeping to this blog. The truth is, I was depressed about being fat…and eating. I have regained four pounds by this…and I guess eating is my coping mechanism, like a drug. People have commented about my size online…and it’s not been nice. “Man the Harpoons” is an example of this.  It was given to me by a teenager who wanted to insult me. May he someday be the bullseye of an easy target. Honestly, I have enough self-hatred to pull me down into the depression and fat abyss. The only reason I think I was going to lose weight anyway was by pulling myself up by my own bootstraps, rejecting Hollywood and the media in general, and loving myself the way God has loved me. But I wonder, why is the world singling me out? Why am I the bullseye of such an easy target? Isn’t everyone the bullseye of an easy target in some way? I heard a quote from Will Smith: “Everyone is struggling.” I can point out the obvious ones: race, disability, gender, weight, but what about the less obvious ones? Let’s say, food allergies, “invisible” illnesses like autism, or financial trouble? I am getting sick and tired of people being discounted for this trait or that one. Everyone is important, even the sanitation workers. (Without them, we would be a lot sicker.) Of course, there is one trouble: everyone wanting to be “more” important than the next one. With that, we get the sick, blood-soaked, chaotic world we have today. So, I thought of this curse from the movie “Runaway Bride:”

“May you find yourselves the bullseye of an easy target; may you be publicly flogged for all your bad choices; & may your noses be rubbed in all of your mistakes.”

Of course, everyone is now the bullseye of an easy target. Just put them in the appropriate place and society. The Internet has made public flogging and nose-rubbing possible, but is that enough? How can we stop all the grief we get from the public shaming and discrimination? I’m looking for suggestions.