Fat Shaming (Does Not Work)

Why in the world do people still discriminate against the fat? Did they not get the message that “fat shaming” (read: discrimination) does not work? That fat discrimination makes people fatter? It’s not a cool thing. i was fat shamed for years by my sisters, and I only gained 100 pounds once I got out from under their thumb. Now, I’m eating right and dragging out the old Sweatin’ to the Oldies tape for my own health, but I had to work out in my mind that I was worth taking care of myself…that I could be a little selfish and it would be okay. That does not mean that I don’t love myself now. It took years to come to this decision..36 years, 7 months to be exact. Yeah, I had to learn it was OK to love myself in the cold of February 2014. And I was born in 1977! Why did it take me so long to learn I could be lovable? Oh yeah, I’m fat. In Hollywood and fashion model culture, fat = unlovable. Well, I rejected Hollywood and fashion model culture a long time ago. I went to an article on Wikipedia to look up a model who died of anorexia, and found quite a few. What I also found on the list of causes shook me to the core: I found a lot of suicide – was not expecting that. How much pressure are these models and actors under in order to look unnaturally skinny? It pains me to see that there is so much death going into the industry. Is the unnatural “thigh gap” and “bikini bridge” not enough for you people? I guess people in the industry think skinny means young, but to me, skinny means sick. Even at my thinnest, I was never a gangly waif. That seems to be the trouble. I’ve decided to lose weight for my health, but not for Hollywood. I hope to be healthier to feel better. It took me this long to see I was worth it, thanks to Hollywood, but I’m not going to lose this love because I am fat right now. I’ve decided to take care of myself.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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