The Issues, Part I

OK, I’ve been trying to get a thing to discuss in my head, and all I get are the same issues, over and over. So, this is my final word of certain issues within the community of autism:

1) Autistic or Has Autism?

There are two arguments within this: most people with autism stress “autistic” because they think of autism as a trait, while health communities stress “people first” language to improve the conditions and identities of

It does not matter to me what way you identify yourself. I switch identities depending on my audience. I have always been more than autism. The labeling does not bother me, one way or another. It’s like the pronunciation of the words tomato or potato.

2) Asperger’s or High-functioning Autism?

Again, in my eyes, a “tomato” or “potato” issue. I guess the words “Asperger’s” has been an attempt to separate the various parts of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and I believe this might be more successfully achieved in the future, barring findings suggesting otherwise. The issue arises from this fact, mostly: The latest DSM (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual) has mulled over getting rid of the term “Asperger’s” to describe the higher-functioning end of the Spectrum. However, since a person with Autism can bounce around the spectrum from time to time, I am not in issue with what a person calls themselves this week.

3) Vaccines

Let me put it this way: “I’m sorry you got Measles and Pneumonia, honey, and had to spend time in the hospital. We thought the thing that would prevent this caused your brother’s autism. Now that we know different, since you have it…” Do you really want to give that speech to your child? The refuted, not-duplicated study is the reason, and Jenny McCarthy spread the lie even further. I am with the people that say GET THE VACCINES. Even if there was a link, which there is not, I would rather have a healthy child with autism than a sick child without.

4) People who think they know Autism better than you:


This gives the point exactly to the parents. Now to the kids themselves, aka me: I know you cringe when people describe autism wrong. It’s stupid, so speak up. We’re waiting to hear from you. 

These are the major issues I have for now. I would like to see your input on what I should discuss.



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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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