Thank You, Robin WIlliams and Lauren Bacall

It has taken me a couple of days to process the information of the deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. On Mr. Williams: I was getting my dog back from his evening walk when my mother got the news from my aunt. At first I thought it was a Twitter joke, to be honest. Twitter wants to kill everybody. But I looked at the news from more reputable sites, and sadly it was true. The method by which he chose to exit this world, not knowing for absolute certain what was on the other side, was even more tragic. Of course, depression, as a real medical condition, was what really took his life.  Now, before you say that is not logical, that he had the American Dream, keep in mind that disease is certainly not logical. I should know. Depression once had me in its grip, literally taking everything away, even the color out of my eyes. (Yes, there is research proving that.) Of course, as you think I am musing about depression, we need to also look at Robin Williams’ achievements. The many films, stand up specials and television work is much too storied to even forget. You can look at the Facebook feeds of just about everyone to see an influential man at work.

Of course, now people are remembering the work of another screen legend, Ms. Lauren Bacall. A lovely lady from the Bronx…I wish I knew her. From what I gather, she had style, grace and a demure sexiness you do not get to see from the stars and starlets of today. She was a maven of style, grace and could dress wonderfully. It was also sad to see her go. Of course, will anyone’s death be a thing of joy?

Of the tributes that poured in from these two, I think Jimmy Fallon’s tribute to Robin Williams is the best so far. I’ll update you, if one for Lauren Bacall even comes close.


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