Kelli Stapleton, Part 2 – #JusticeForIssy

Now, I watched those Dr. Phil episodes-both of them. My previous posts did not seem to make one thing absolutely clear – that murder is wrong, no matter what Issy Stapleton did to her mother. No, I did not muse upon Issy’s autism because autism was not the issue here. The mental illness of the mother was the issue. You see, autism was just a red herring-a distraction from the real story of a mother’s failure to get treatment for herself. I thought I made that completely clear.

But why was autism such an easy red herring? Why is it so easy to blame autism for murder? My theory is fear. People fear autism so much that they want to get rid of it by any means necessary-even murder. It’s like the entire X-Men comic series-only in real life. Is it just me, or can every autistic remember being asked “Have you tried not being autistic?” by somebody? (“Have you tried not being a mutant?”)

I also noticed in the programs that Kelli Stapleton could not say “I tried to murder my child.” She KNEW what she did was wrong. She kept trying to “spin” it as “going to heaven.” Yeah, but did Issy have a say in this “going to heaven” bit? It was murder. And she could not say it because she would have to admit she did something wrong.

But one thing which Dr. Phil accidentally got right was this: the trigger was something the mother did. She was not “getting it,” to cite Dr. Phil’s own language, as to what was causing the meltdowns. Issy seems to be doing very well, indeed, without her mother. My instinct and guessing seemed that Mrs. Stapleton was not listening to find her daughter’s meltdown source. I mean, meltdowns always have a trigger. That is a rule of meltdowns. Anyway, I am mostly disgusted by the fact that the hatred and fear-mongering against autistics was nationalized to a television audience, but what do you expect? This is the world that ignored Hitler for a time, and also allowed Ray Rice to keep playing football until his abuse was leaked to the public. We must combat hate with love. That is not a contradiction. That love comes with understanding and with certain inalienable rights, such as the right to live. That is the reason we have the hashtag #JusticeForIssy.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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