Politics and the Slam Ad

I have to apologize for being away. I have been volunteering my time at my local Republican Party office. I have gotten into the thick of things in order to help people vote, and maybe persuade them to vote to the Republican side. You don’t have to vote my way, of course, but that’s beside the point. That’s what elections are for: the choosy public.

There are a few things about politics that bug me, but mostly one: negative ads. I’ll simply say this: If we were to vote AGAINST somebody-say, everybody but one person to be elected-then negative ads would be alright. But it flies in the face of my logic, because we are voting FOR them. I mean, wouldn’t negative ads make more sense if they were not wanting to see them win the name on the ballot, like at Survivor’s Tribal Council? Maybe then negative ads would make more sense. I prefer positive ads-ads showcasing the one you are voting FOR, and what they have done in their communities and regions as a whole. I would prefer to vote for somebody, not against.

Another thing that bothers me, which came about in recent years: the extra-long campaign. I mean, I was sick of hearing about Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes in June, not to mention now at the end of October! (Yes, I live in Kentucky.) I mean, can anyone really stand for a campaign that lasts longer than the actual term of office? I think not. We are shoving off the election and getting a low voter turnout because we are sick of it! It’s not even 2015  yet, and we are now talking about 2016! I AM ALREADY SICK OF 2016!

That’s all I have for tonight. Check with me back after the election. Of 2014.