Jesus Prom 2014 – Camping Under the Stars


Last night, I went to a place where I could just be myself. It was loud, noisy and super crowded, but it was crowded with the right kind of people – people who accepted me just the way I am. There were all kinds of people with disabilities-wheelchairs and walking included. I played games, made pictures, and did all sorts of dancing. You can look at all the pictures on my Facebook page (Cambria Lynn Jenkins). We had so much fun. It is a huge party called the Jesus Prom. What people do is invite those with illnesses and disabilities (and those are just common words, simmer down) to a large party, where they eat, play games, and dance. This year, camping was the theme, so we dressed down. People wore plaid, denim or camouflage gear. There was even a Duck Dynasty guy dressed up. We had barbecued chicken, with camp food sides, and played games. I love games, especially ones that challenge me. We also did dancing and I got my makeup done – really well, too. Overall, I had fun.

The whole point of the Jesus Prom is to bring people who are normally left out of the love and church activity equation in. I am not saying it as an insult; I am just stating an observation. Many people, including the caretakers of those with these conditions, are left out of the love and activity equation. Many people tend to think disabled equals stupid, but due to lack of an ability to communicate, this is often not the case. I am glad I am one of those who are finally let in. We need more Jesus Proms. We could bring the Jesus Prom to churches everywhere. Just pray about it.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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