A Christmas Carol

I am currently watching “The Muppets’ Christmas Carol” starring Michael Caine (and the Muppets…duh). It’s the most humorous version of the story I have seen. Unfortunately, “A Christmas Carol” is not that humorous at all. So goes much of Dickens’ stories. There are many versions I have seen. My personal favorite is the one which stars Patrick Stewart…which gives a wide-ranging form of Christmas Present, and one of the more accurate versions. Speaking of accurate versions, every Christmas, I read “A Christmas Carol,” the book. It helps me keep the true meanings of Christmas and its generosity. It was the one tradition which I could keep in my life. There are so many things which were taken from me in my life, and this kept me in a good state as I was living with my sisters. There are so many things my sisters took from me, besides my money: independence, dignity, self-esteem-I shudder when I think about it still, and it’s been eight years since they sent me back to my mother. But anyways, it’s been such a good, restoring time since that chapter of my life that I can look up again, and look toward the future with positivity. A Christmas Carol is one of the things I look forward to each year.

Purple Christmas

A confessional about Christmas at my house: It’s decked in purple, splashes of pink, silver and crystal. I just love purple. It’s so regal and lovely, and easy to look at. I’m also not too fond of red for some reason. Anyway, moving on-in looking for a reason to bring up Christmas in purple, we were looking for the connection to Christ, and it came up nicely-we sat at church right in front of the Advent wreath! For those who do not know, the advent wreath has three purple candles, one pink candle, and a white candle for Christmas Eve, being the Christ candle. It also has been done in evergreen, symbolizing eternal life. SO….why is my Christmas Tree white? (It looks kind of pink with the filter, but it’s white.) Simple-the white Christmas Tree represents the white Christ Candle in the Advent Wreath. It’s all very easy to symbolize. So there it is, my low-stress, Purple Christmas.

Good Things

I’ve noticed a trend when it comes to my posts: that I’m only blogging when something bugs me. For that, I apologize. There are a lot of things which please me, too. Like, for instance, Max from Parenthood. His brave, unassuming performance is so great-and so worth watching. I honestly watch Parenthood only for him. Plus, what pleases me is chocolate, coffee, and general good stuff around the holidays. (I say holidays because I have friends of different faiths than me-check my Facebook for it. Cambria Lynn Jenkins) Also, I recently got some encouragement to keep losing weight the way I am doing: I can fit into a pair of jeans two sizes smaller than the ones I started with. Also, my dog. I have a Pomeranian named Bear who is sweet and super friendly. There are a lot of things which please me, especially around the holidays. There are so many I can dwell on. But I have also noticed that people who tend to read blogs tend to like hearing about my complaints. Of course, there will be more complaints to come, but right now, I would rather be thankful and happy. Would it not rather be that way? Of course, I think the human brain must experience sadness in order to appreciate happiness. (I wonder what they have studied about that?)

Why I Have Not Spoken About Current Issues Like Ferguson

I know about Ferguson, Missouri’s recent struggles. Don’t think I am blind to them. I have, like most people, not received all of the information. One side of the argument says Michael Brown was charging at Officer Darren Wilson when he was shot; the other said he had his hands up in surrender. Since there is no tape, I would rather not say anything, lest I still be uneducated and speaking out of my ass. Is that enough of an explanation for you?