Good Things

I’ve noticed a trend when it comes to my posts: that I’m only blogging when something bugs me. For that, I apologize. There are a lot of things which please me, too. Like, for instance, Max from Parenthood. His brave, unassuming performance is so great-and so worth watching. I honestly watch Parenthood only for him. Plus, what pleases me is chocolate, coffee, and general good stuff around the holidays. (I say holidays because I have friends of different faiths than me-check my Facebook for it. Cambria Lynn Jenkins) Also, I recently got some encouragement to keep losing weight the way I am doing: I can fit into a pair of jeans two sizes smaller than the ones I started with. Also, my dog. I have a Pomeranian named Bear who is sweet and super friendly. There are a lot of things which please me, especially around the holidays. There are so many I can dwell on. But I have also noticed that people who tend to read blogs tend to like hearing about my complaints. Of course, there will be more complaints to come, but right now, I would rather be thankful and happy. Would it not rather be that way? Of course, I think the human brain must experience sadness in order to appreciate happiness. (I wonder what they have studied about that?)


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