Je Suis Charlie

Here I am, in Kentucky, wondering what I should say or do in the aftermath of the terror in Paris and the French countryside. It’s like deja vu all over again, like the days after 9/11. Those poor people in France! I just want to hug them all and say everything will be okay in time. I want to let them know that living and keeping in with the principles of free speech apparent in the existence of satire. There is victory in the very act of living when terror strikes.

Now, there is one guy I wish to ask, but I somehow feel I know the answer. You see, he is a Muslim. He is also one of those “Don’t Mess With the U.S.A.!” types. He bristles at the very existence of ISIS and terrorism supposedly justified under Islam. Believe me, I get his viewpoint. I get his viewpoint every time Westboro Baptist Church does or says anything. Google Westboro Baptist Church and you’ll see what I mean. When they talk about how God sent violence and death because of homosexuality, I cringe. Where did they get the idea that God was so graceless? Sure, there is wrong, but you can always turn around and do right, asking for forgiveness and grace. But I do not believe a punishment is the same as a consequence. Sometimes you do not need to “punish”  when a consequence is punishment enough, but I digress. I get where he is coming from.

I found a little more to draw from when some terrorists were comforted. In the reports, they interviewed a young teen from one of the villages. He was so shocked that something like this could happen in his little town, like his village was somehow soiled by it. I got that when our own was reported as having major drug problems. Now, I won’t bring those out into the light, but I can also get where he is coming from. We, as Americans, can help comfort the French to understand what has happened to them, and bring them back to a place of secure awareness. We need to help them. The French get terrorism now. We’ll help them get on our side.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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