If I Were Pretty

If I were pretty, I would be much braver.

If I were pretty, I’d be much stronger.

If I were pretty, I would command more respect.

If I were pretty, maybe I’d go up to that actor and be noticed.

If I were pretty, maybe I could make more money.

If I were pretty, there would be less pain.

If I were pretty, maybe I’d find the right man.

If I were pretty, I would get invited to the best parties.

If I were pretty, men would come up to me and actually respect my wants and needs.

If I were pretty, maybe my autism would not make my life such a struggle.

But I’m not pretty, at least not in the way people think is pretty.

Of course, maybe living not pretty is much braver and stronger than people ever know. Why do we have to live up to this Photoshop standard in order to command love and respect? And who says you can’t get into the best parties? You could throw these parties. Perhaps that actor or sports star is waiting for someone like you to come forward. And I heard a lot of women met their soul mates at their heaviest…and I’m not my heaviest anymore. Who says you have to be “pretty” to get what you want? And what if you already are? You’re probably very pretty to someone. I’m pretty to my mother. And I know my autism is not affected by my looks. I just live with it, and struggle every day, especially now that I’m losing weight. (I stim a lot more these days.) But yet, I am not pretty…but how did we let somebody else decide who was pretty and who was not? Real beauty is a democratic society, not the dictatorship the advertisers have led you to believe. I bet you don’t think you’re pretty due to the beauty regime. I suggest we throw out the beauty standards and recognize that every woman, nay, every life is precious and can make the world a better place simply by being in it. Now THAT would be a message I would like to hear-that my existence makes me pretty.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

One thought on “If I Were Pretty”

  1. I am honored that you are following justkeepingitREAL. It warms my heart to know you will be visiting me.

    Outward beauty fades, but inward beauty is not ravaged by time. Now that is the beauty we all should want.

    Have a wonderful week!

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