Putin Has Asperger’s?

A recently-released 2008 report from the Pentagon claimed Russian leader Vladimir Putin has Asperger’s Syndrome. Of course, they never performed a brain scan on him, because Russian World Leader. But the wording of it has made me angry. Now, I’m not exactly a fan of the guy; I’m just insulted by some of the wording that has come out. According to the MSN news report, “The study suggests Mr Putin’s mother may have had a stroke while pregnant with him and that he suffered an “insult” to his brain.” An “insult to his brain?” Honestly, that statement is an insult to my brain! Telling me that I have a defect, an insult, or some other form of lessening makes me feel less. This is definitely from a viewpoint of the notion of “neurotypical” superiority. I find all of this very distressing, implying that Putin can’t lead a country because of his “Asperger’s.” (I put that in quotes because the study merely suggests it.) That is as bad as saying Obama can’t lead because he is black! It’s discriminatory, it’s propaganda, and it is a discrediting attempt because the guy does not agree with a large portion of U.S. policy. I personally disagree with Putin and U.S. policy on some levels, but to use a different brain function as a means to discredit is a form of prejudice; it is a form of discrimination. It discriminates against me.


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