Losing 50 Pounds, My Way

If you guys follow my Facebook or Twitter, you would know that I recently lost 50 pounds. It was not easy, but it was worth it. Here’s what I did:

1) Accept and embrace yourself the way you are. I used to be at war with my body., even in my teens. There was a time when I was a size 8, but I was never the rail-thin size zero girl that seems to dominate the catwalks, TV and Hollywood. I was never a rail-thin tiny thing. Never going to be. Truth be told, I have finally learned that I don’t have to be Keira Knightley or Allison Williams in order to find love. I haven’t found the love I am now looking for yet, but I somehow feel it’s right around the corner. Oh, and speaking of not-skinny girls guys like, comedian Amy Schumer happens to be one of them. She is a size 6 (yes, I’ve seen the underwear pic), and whatever she’s got, she should bottle and sell. Trust me, I’d buy it. I used to be jealous of those skinny girls in Hollywood, but I am no longer, due to being comfortable in my skin, and lots of evidence that there are girls who are not rail-thin getting the guy. I used to be at war with my body, but now peace has been declared. The healing can begin.

2) Eat smaller portions, and really enjoy your food. This is key to weight loss. I read an article which shows that American portions are gargantuan-at least twice what they serve you in other countries, or what is recommended. And in enjoying your food, you need to be present at the meal. Most of the time, people are thinking about something away from the table. I hear the French keep their mealtimes sacrosanct, with no lunchtime calls, no distractions, and no forbidden food. They try to keep their conversations in the present. I am trying to do the same thing.

3) Exercise. How many times do people tell you this one? I am currently ramping up my exercise, especially since I am having these energy bursts like the ones I had in childhood, which caused many a stim episode. Back then, we realized that play and exercise was key in letting all this energy go. I now walk the dog and am dealing with these energy bursts.

4) Surrender to a Higher Power. I believe this is key in my weight loss. I am a Christian, so I call this Higher Power by the name of Jesus. Cast your cares on your Higher Power, like cravings, boredom and other things. Food was like an addiction and a rebellion for me.

5) Accept Other People’s Self-Acceptance journeys. I subscribe to a blog which combats fat shaming. I have nothing against the fat, or the skinny. My weight journey is not about them; it’s about me and my own journey to self-acceptance and good health. I said before that I will never be a skinny little model-thin type. I am a curvy girl, with a small waist and big hips and breasts. I am more Jennifer Lopez than Nicole Kidman, and that’s okay. It’s good to be yourself. You got something you ought to bottle and sell, too. Somebody will buy it.

6) Set a reasonable goal. This is only the first in many goals that I have in my weight loss journey. In truth, I have over 100 pounds to lose, which sounds just too hard to do, but the first fifty were the ones to focus on. Now I am focusing on my next milestone-to get under 200.

7) Love yourself now. This is the key to it all. You are a wonderful person, right now, because you exist. You can make the world around you a better place. Just remember, you are valuable and loved. I don’t care how cheesy this sounds, because it’s true. You are precious, by your own existence. Everyone is.

This is how I lost the last 50 pounds. I look back on this and see how little this actually has to do with food. It has more to do with self-acceptance. I actually hated myself for years. Now I am learning to love myself, to discover my true self-worth. I hope this has been helpful for you, so you can begin your own journey toward your goals.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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