Walk In Red…and the Twizzler Challenge

Okay, let’s veer off course for a bit and have some fun. We’re going to talk about two causes for autism awareness and acceptance. Just so you know, acceptance trumps awareness for me, because the awareness speaks of gives an air of fear and shame around the condition of autism, which is NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF. Got it? Since that is out of the way, I’m going to talk about Walking In Red, AND….the Twizzler Challenge.

First, let’s do Walking In Red. Walking In Red symbolizes that you stand with the Actually Autistic, like me, in solidarity of Acceptance. Now, I know Autism Speaks is all about CURE, but I don’t think CURE is possible, so I’m going towards Acceptance. This is simple: you put on a pair of red shoes, or red socks, like these, or something else red, and take a selfie to spread around the Net. It’s so simple, and yet so bold. Of course, you can do something else for Autism…that is, the Twizzler Challenge.

The Twizzler Challenge is more complicated. Complicated, because…you need someone else to do it with. The point is, you and this other person start at the ends of a Twizzler, and eat it to the middle, like Lady and the Tramp. Of course, I don’t have anyone to do the Twizzler Challenge with, but there are some guys I would do the Twizzler Challenge with. Google these guys, if you don’t know who they are.

Let’s see….

Keith Urban

Harry Connick, Jr.

Michael Buble

Tyrese Gibson

Lou Diamond Phillips

Any member of New Kids on the Block

Emilio Estevez

Adam Copeland…he used to be Edge..

Benedict Cumberbatch…yes, even though I got mad at him, I would DEFINITELY do the Twizzler Challenge with him. He’s my current favorite. That’s why I got so mad.

And, of course, there are more people I would do the Twizzler Challenge with. So, whoever you are, the Twizzler is waiting, and so am I.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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