I Miss Aunt Roxie

I am in a more somber mood these days. I had to go on hiatus because my family has just put my Great Aunt Roxie Jackson to rest. She was a wonderful lady. We did not spend as much time with her as other people in my family did, my mother and me, but she always made us feel welcome, like members of the family. I remember going to her house the last time, after the funeral. The spirit of welcoming, friendliness and family was gone from the house. Strange, after a person goes away from us, how the spirit in their objects changes. I took one last look at everything, because I felt this was the last time I would ever see them, or memories of her. It just saddens me to the point of zapping my energy how much I miss her already. We always had fun whenever we would get together, my mother, Aunt Roxie and me. We would giggle about how we would have “lunch on the lanai” – or just bologna sandwiches on the back porch at her place. Then we would talk about family, love, life, and whatever came up. (However, everyone else was tight-lipped in the family, treating us as outsiders. Yes, I have complained about it before-but unfortunately, in the case of my mother and I, it is true. That is all I can say about that.) She would often get gifts to us that would, by mere coincidence, be just what we would be wanting most of the time. I have the last two Christmas presents she gave me-fashionable scarves that she says belonged to my great-grandmother-and they’re gorgeous. I miss her already, so much. She made things much more bearable  as we live here in Kentucky. We liked having family around, a lot. We would like it more if the family welcomed us like Aunt Roxie did.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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