Yellow and Pink Derby Day

DerbyHat1 DerbyHat2

First, let me congratulate the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their new arrival, a little girl. At this time, we still do not know her name, but that will be coming. She is so sweet it hurts.

Today was the running of the Kentucky Derby, “The most exciting two minutes in sports.” In Kentucky, it is a big deal, where pre-parties can be planned for two weeks, as well as all day. There are also Derby parties everywhere. My mother and I went to one of these in Lexington. We betted on horses for prizes, ate and had a good time. I wore my Derby Hat, a pink one with a large crown and bow.

Only in Kentucky would a two-minute race inspire a full day of partying and fashion parades. That’s what they say…but that is not the whole story. The truth is, horse racing was once considered a rough, low-class sport, unfit for the delicate sensibilities of women and children. (Interesting concept. How delicate am I supposed to be, again?) Anyway, the grandson of Meriwether Lewis traveled to England, where the Epsom Derby had been run since 1780, where racing was a grand society affair. Mr. Lewis then traveled to Paris for more inspiration. This gave him the idea to talk with high society ladies about having a picnic at the newly constructed racing facilities, soon to become Churchill Downs. The ladies agreed, and they brought their large society hats and their fancy clothes to the racetrack, where they can still be seen today in its current form, the bigger the better.

About Yellow and Pink…They were the colors of the three horses who finished in the top three. Yellow was around a LOT at Churchill Downs this year, as was pink. I picked Dortmund and American Pharaoh to win, either one…and American Pharaoh won. I actually picked American Pharaoh since he was the experts’ favorite, and the favorites tend to do very well in the Derby. Here is how the Derby went: American Pharaoh had green and yellow as his colors. The second place winner, High Flyer, had a jockey with a pink silk riding him, and the third, Dortmund, had a pink blanket on him. So, it was a yellow and pink Derby Day. I had a lot of fun this year, and hope to have more fun in the future.


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