Here Are Some Lessons All Christians Can Learn From The Duggar Family Situation

When people are violently scarred, we must meet the needs of the victims, not sacrifice them on the burning altar of Public Relations. That will turn people away from Jesus.

john pavlovitz

duggars 2014

As news has begun filtering out about the sexual abuse within, and the subsequent mishandling and cover-up by the Reality TV-starring Duggar Family, Christians of all theological perspectives should take note of some of the important truths we need to uncover and remember in times like these:

1) All families are filled with flawed, unhealthy, profoundly screwed-up people. This includes your own. No one is immune to great weakness and darkness and hypocrisy no matter how high a sheen they may manage on their exterior lives. This is one of the great commonalities within our shared humanity; that we are equally capable of inflicting incredible damage on others, equally capable of self-destruction, and equally in need of forgiveness and mercy in the times that we falter. Even, and perhaps especially in moments like these, it is a great mistake to use the failings of another to fuel our own moral superiority or…

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