Being Kind to My Looks

Listen up, girls! Chances are, you have been to hard on yourselves. I am not one to judge, because I am guilty of it too. I mean, have you read the titles of my posts? “I’m so Ugly…” or “Undesirable” are not indicators of good body image. Rather, they are cries for help. I need help in recognizing what is good about me. That is why I decided to be kind to myself. I mean, my mother resents the fact I don’t think I’m pretty. She has told me this, bluntly. Why don’t I see it? Is it because of those gorgeous models I see in magazines? That standard is impossible. I know it is, but something pressures me to conform to it. I know it’s a losing battle to compare myself to those girls…especially because those girls are not even real. Thanks to Photoshop, nobody knows what any celebrity really looks like. I did not recognize Britney Spears on the cover of a recent fitness magazine. Here’s the story: I looked and looked, not knowing who this woman on Women’s Health was, until I got home and watched Access Hollywood. They said it was Britney Spears. I thought: Has Photoshop gone that far out of control? Now I’m not hating on her, I just did not recognize her. She had aged slightly since I recognized her face last. This scares me. For instance, if I saw Benedict Cumberbatch walking down the street one day, would I recognize him? Or anyone else on a magazine cover, for that matter? Argh! Now, if we are to compare ourselves to Photoshopped images, we will always fall short. I have decided to stop comparing myself to celebrities besides the ones I have something in common with…and only on that trait, please. There is so much I can do to see my looks in a new light. It’s a start, but I think that can unleash a wave of self-kindness.

Selfie for 2015
Walk In Red, and Light It Up Gold 2015



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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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