Black Widow Left Out of Avengers Movie Toy Line

Remember when I told you how mad I was at the fact that my brother did not get the girl action figure in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set? I wanted to play, too. I had to do a makeshift action with a She-Ra doll I found among some trash in the alleyway near my house. Don’t they see that girls want to play with superpowers? Those emotions of feeling left out came flooding back when I learned that Disney and Marvel purposely left out making Black Widow and Scarlet Witch action figures for the Avengers movies.

Alright, Disney. Where in the world is my Black Widow action figure?! I know you did not make them because the Avengers was apparently a “boys’ thing.” But, there are some girls out there who actually LIKE playing and pretending with superpowers. Did Elsa from Frozen not teach you that? I am very, very disappointed in you, Disney and Marvel. I know you think girls cannot comprehend the utter coolness of super powers – but you are wrong. Completely, willfully, ignorantly, WRONG. Magical powers is an offshoot of super powers. I know there are women out there who agree with me, whether they be Lana Wachowski or Adrianne Curry. Do you not realize that half the world is women? It is time to acknowledge that they exist, and they want to play with superhero action figures, too. The want to see themselves with powers, and abilities. I hope you can get your heads out of the Dark Ages and see that someday. For now, I will stay mad until I get a Black Widow or Scarlet Witch action figure.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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