History: The Good Kind….June 7, 2015

I was a baby the last time yesterday’s achievement was reached. I was born in 1977. In 1978, Affirmed was the last to win the Triple Crown in my lifetime. As you have noticed, it is now 2015. Finally, a second horse has achieved the elusive Triple Crown again. American Pharoah (no, it was originally misspelled), a 3-year-old colt from Zayat Stables, has won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. Yes, you have to win every single one of those races to get the Triple Crown. It is rare that a good event makes headlines in the news. Most of the time, the news is about war, disease, crime, and the like. It can actually get depressing when you look at it. That is why I can usually stand news one half hour a day.

Last time people were so positive was the early days of the year 2000 – and that was only after the panic known as the Y2K glitch, about the way computers displayed the year on the computer-changed in a panic from 2 digits to 4 digits. (I wonder how many of those computers are still running nowadays?) Again, that was followed by controversy, terrorism, war, disease, crime, and the like…I sensed a theme in the news again. The 2000s were basically the decade of fear. (It depended on who you talked to when Obama was elected: there were the black and white dividers, as well as the red-and-blue dividers.)

The end of the Cold War was the time of extreme positivity before that. For the US, basically, it was a time of hope, of peace, of change. It was a time of revolution for most of Eastern Europe. Of course, ending a Cold War, as we soon learned, broke the nations out into Hot Spots (an actual punchline used in a comic strip!). Yugoslavia’s civil war and eventual breakup was very disappointing, as there were such horrid war crimes – and women got the worst of it, with systematic rapes by oppositions for all of them. (Yes, I had to mention that – rape was actually used as a war tactic by all sides. I would not be surprised if ALL the women and girls of the Balkans alive at the time were rape victims.) Another disturbing trend soon to come alive were school shootings, starting in the 1990s. For the record, a school shooting would definitely make headlines, but when does a school Model United Nations team ever make headlines? (Do you even know what that is, by the way? It is so little reported on that I doubt many people do.) Or when does a school’s positive activities get on the front page? This is why I cherish good news headlines – they are so rare.

Good news headlines are so rare, I cherish them. There is a statement made by the news media: “If it bleeds, it leads.” I mean, even in the news broadcast of today, it took four headlines of terrible news to even mention American Pharoah’s Triple Crown victory. That I extremely disturbing. Why do people want to hear such fear and negativity? Or, why does the media seem to think so? You scare the children with the way you currently display news – all that fear and negativity. I was scared throughout the 1980s (my childhood decade) when the news was on. I’m not even sure my mother let me watch it, it scared me so. Only when real historical things were going on was when I watched the news. Good news is rare, and good news is usually pushed to the back of the paper or broadcast. I cherish when it makes headlines, even when it takes 37 years to do it.


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