Autistic Utopia Concerns

I was recently moved by In My Autistic Utopia by my fellow blogger, “autisticliving” about certain traits considering a dominantly autistic society. They are a basic list of problems which would be solved if autistics ran the world. These are basic things, like “You get to work and live in a sensory environment that fits you and doesn’t overload you” and “Special interests are encouraged and actively used in education.” These are basic, but it got me thinking: how would different people be treated in this autistic utopia? For instance, would we autistics be going around inventing “Pervasive Allistic Disorder,” for example? Would we classify that they would be “obsessed with looking into the eyes,” and “excessive talking,” for example? Would we be obsessed with “finding a cure for allism” and saying that the Allistic population was “missing”? Would we mock them because they had not the concentration to give to a special interest? It troubles me to think of such a world, where people are ridiculed for being different. This world is too much like our own world, where we autistic people are treated so poorly. I read that 81% of us were unemployed. I figured that would be true, simply because I am unemployed, even though I held down a job for six years. I also learned that some people will not hire autistic people. What are they afraid of – that autism is contagious? It is certainly not contagious, or the entire population would have “caught” it already. Are we too focused, and can beat them in their own games, because it might be our special interest? People, making another type of person dominant is not the answer. It is human nature to fear and hate the different. This might have served some strange purpose in the past, but it does not serve our society now. Prejudice and discrimination do not serve people anymore. I hate to say it, but working to make your particular neurotype, age, race, or even gender the dominant one makes you no better than the violent, bigoted Ku Klux Klan. Dominating only creates corruption. An accepting society where all are welcome is what we need to strive for, and that may only be achieved through understanding, compassion and love.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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