We Are Not Your Burden, We Are People

Challenging one’s beliefs is a fundamental part of learning. Mind if I reblog this?

The Observers Outpost

There is a spot on Magazine where children and their caretakers from a special needs school get on the bus. It’s usually 6 or 7 kids and 3 to 4 adults. The bus was pretty full when they got on yesterday so they had to spread out. One boy, probably no more than 10, sat next to me with a caretaker and another child behind.

The kid next to me began rocking back and forth in the seat, not violently, just enough to make a nice “whump-“ing sound when his backpack hit it. The caretaker reached over the seat and put her hands on the boy’s shoulders. “Sit still,” she said and waited a moment before sitting back. I turned to say “It’s cool. I’m Autistic and I get it,” but before I could a tall man standing by the back door looked at the caretaker and said “Not to…

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