Big Ears, Bigger Mouths

My mother recently told me straight out: “You are not a burden. You are a gift from God.” Now, I don’t know about your beliefs, but in my belief system, that is awesome. Now, in light of what sparked that statement was not awesome: I am realizing how fortunate I am that I am regarded as such. Many autism parents often view their child’s autism as a deadweight, a burden, something to overcome. Now, I’ve had my moments and my struggles, but let’s face it: my mother loves me and accepts me the way I am. That, as I see on those “Warrior Mom” blogs, trying to overcome or cure autism is like trying to overcome or cure brown eyes or dark skin. It makes no sense when you think about it. And with that kind of discrimination, no wonder our murderers get sympathy and respect, like the world is one large Nazi Germany and the autistics are the hated Jews. Yeah, I feel like the world treats me like that. My mother doesn’t, at least. I fear for the autism mothers who treat their children like the Nazis treated the Jews.

I can see the treatment of your children in your “warrior mom” blogs. I see it in your eyes. I see it in the shame in your eyes. I see it in the observation that I seem to be the only autistic woman in all of Jessamine County, Kentucky. I see it in the meltdown videos you post online. I see it in the comments sections where you put down autistic adults like me. I see it in the threats to “send (your children) to heaven” (aka murder them), as Kelli Stapleton said. Now, as I have pointed out above regarding my mother, not all of you do this. However, this is addressed to the ones who do: I picked up on how the world treated me, and how my father, who rejected my autism, treated me. Your autistic children pick up on how you view them. As people often said around me, “Little Pictures have BIG EARS and BIGGER MOUTHS.” Do NOT claim your autistic children as the exception to this rule. My father died in 2006. To this day, I wonder if he really loved me, because he rejected my autism. Now, to show proof of this fact that autism children can hear your hate of them… is a letter from an autistic daughter to her mother:



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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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