Who Is Cambria?

Who Is Cambria?

This is a question I had yet to ask myself until recently. Everybody, whether good or bad, told me what or who I was.

“Cambria is autistic.”

“Cambria is a cutie; she looks good.”

“Cambria is a psychotic sack of ****.”

“Cambria is my daughter.”

I did not even have to learn who I was for a long time, because I had never had a lack of people telling me who I was. So, when most of the people abandon you in one way or another, what are you then?

“Cambria is worth abandoning.”

My mother ran off to Florida to be with a man (but she learned and redeemed herself later); my sisters used me up and spat me out; my friends, God knows where they went; and my father sent me to my mother and then died. I am not trying to be fair or observant; I am relating how I was feeling at the time. Feeling abandoned is one of the major issues in my life – I feel it all the time.

Now that I know better on where everyone stands, I can see that I have no idea who Cambria is. Will you come on my journey to discover who I actually am – without the restrictions of my haters, and with the support of those who really love me?


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