Jesus Prom 2015, and Why We Need It

JesusProm2015  JP2015Portrait2

Well, it was that time of year again – Jesus Prom 2015. It was a wonderful affair, where we dressed up and ate, played games and danced the night away. This time, the escorts ate food with us, so that was not as awkward as it was in years past.

You know, I like the idea of the Jesus Prom. It gives those of us with disabilities a chance to be loved and appreciated in a way normally reserved for the able bodied and minded. Hopefully, that is the impact. I am all about the impact, where people like me are valued and precious, like any “healthy” person is naturally given. It even lets us women with disabilities be loved and cared about in a way that even traditional feminism denies us (which is for the Barbie dolls of the world, mostly). I often feel left out with my age, my size, my gender, my disability…if it takes a “special person” night out to see my value, then I need to be a “special person” night out.


It is kind of like Black History Month, to be honest. The white, able men in power think we do not need this because we have made strides in advocacy, but in reality, we will always need things like the Jesus Prom and Black History Month because there will always be hate in the hearts of those with power for those out of power. Everybody feels powerless, because power does not satisfy the cravings for love and acceptance. I am convinced that hatred in one’s heart can only be removed supernaturally, and those who refuse this supernatural help will always have hate in their hearts, no matter how “Christian” or “spiritual” they claim to be. There is no other solution.


Anyway, I had a wonderful time, and the need for Jesus Prom is very palpable. People with autism are ignored or dismissed, because they are not able. Down Syndrome people are ignored for the same reason. I don’t have to remind the people who use wheels that they are excluded from anything with steps and no ramps. We are excluded with what seems to be a passion, and most of us know that potentially disabled kids are aborted at higher rates than able ones, and many disabled kids are mudered by their caretakers, AND THE CARETAKERS ARE PRACTICALLY PRAISED FOR THEIR MURDERS. We know the mentality: “Better Dead than Disabled.” This is why we need the Jesus Prom: a big night out to let us be as loved and accepted as we possibly can. I hope those around us understand.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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