#YesAllWomen, but #NotDisabledWomen: The Hypocrisy of Ableist Feminism

I guess my autism makes me less of a worthy woman in the average feminist’s eyes. I mean, one of the primary arguments of abortion is for women to abort their disabled children. The stereotype is that disabled people are all need, and no contribution. Of course, Helen Keller was both deaf and blind, but she spoke just fine. Should we have gone back in time and killed baby Helen Keller? Nobody could have known if she was able to verbally speak at age 7, when she was just learning to sign. When I hear about people with disabilities being aborted, I get so angry, because I believe life is just as precious, no matter what it brings. Perhaps disabilities, in most eyes, means you are less of a person. It’s the whole “strikes against humanity” thing I keep talking about. Do you not realize there is a painter out there who only painted with his left foot – and he was truly talented? Also, a composer wrote symphonies only for the left hand to play? What terrible things are often discounted and ignored simply because their creator was disabled.

And what about sexuality? My mother keeps telling me that I do not need a man to survive in this world. At some level, I wonder if it’s because it’s feminist-egalitarian thinking, or if it is because of my autism. Even though there are countless types of sexualities out there, with just as many people, I on some level feel I am denied this. I mean, I have a regular, vibrant sexuality waiting under this for a husband to discover. But nobody wants to marry me, or even admit they are attracted to me, once they find out I am autistic. It’s often an argument to discourage suitors that my enemies use. Is disability really so bad?

Also, there is the basic argument of killing people with disabilities, before or after they are even born. Yes, I am including abortion in my talk of killing people. It’s your choice whether to go through with it, unless you live in, like, Texas or something, but it’s often encouraged in cases of, say, Down Syndrome or other genetic conditions. Also, once they find out which genes cause autism, don’t you think they will encourage abortions in those cases, especially with Autism Speaks cure mongers encouraging them? As I see it, my life is in danger! People like me are in danger! There are so many women being aborted and killed, with the blessing of feminists everywhere, all because they are disabled! So many daughters and sisters getting the ax because some parent could not handle it, and people are siding with the murderers! I hope they are ready to answer to God for siding with murderers. Believe what you will about God, but to even the unbelieving, know this: it is the dead who are keeping score, whose blood cries out from the ground for justice.

I hope I have opened your mind to the possibility of considering a disabled woman as much of a woman as an abled woman. That was my hope. To me, I am fighting for my life.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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