Seesaw Living Hurts Us All

Pro-black is not anti-white. Pro-white is not anti-black. Pro-woman is not anti-man. Pro-disability is not anti-abled. Why do I have to explain these things to people? All I ever want is to make our society equal. Trouble is, most people do not see the potential of a society which counts everyone as equal, and really judges people by the content of their character. They only see a society which caters to Western European powers – in other words, how much do you have in common with Prince William of England, or with Donald Trump? To add on to this, those who have a lot in common with Prince William or Donald Trump are paranoid of other people who want a level playing ground, because they think life is a seesaw-that one person has to be down in order for another to be up. This kind of thinking is wrong, and inaccurate. Sure, the Western European, Able-Bodied Man has an advantage by his power, but it does not have to come at the expense of those who are not them. Due to my Christianity, I believe this type of societal oppression is quite sinful, because we all came from the same family. We are all related-we can all produce children from each others’ races, for example. Everyone should have an equal chance to prove themselves – I was raised to believe this.

In current society, there is a complicated web of classes and statuses, which can make one’s head spin, but certain things can raise your status to the next level:

1) Money

2) A penis at birth

3) Light skin and Western European features

4) Full use of all your body

5) Heterosexuality

6) Western European Religion

7) Western European Ethnicity

8) Neurotypical Function (Not Autistic, for example)

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Now, I know there are controversial mentions above. The point of those is, even if you morally disagree with a person’s choices, that does not lock them out of love and respect. If you’re Christian, for example, Jesus Christ said “Love your enemies.” There is no excuse for not treating a person with love and respect.

Now, back to the seesaw mind. Using the above statuses reduces life to an Us and They dynamic, where in order for Us to be up, They must be down. As you can see, if They move up, it will bring Us down. The trouble is, when you are pro-Us, you are anti-They. For example, pro-black is assumed to be anti-white. Pro-woman becomes anti-man. In this Us and Them dynamic, no one can be equal, and no one can get ahead without harming another. But I believe there is a better way.

Humanity, I believe, should not be divided and put on a seesaw. Humanity works best when everyone can advance everyone, so that no one gets left behind. Besides, do you think you can handle the paranoia that comes with the Us and Them dynamic? I have not seen a single human being live well when divided away from other human beings. People crave companionship, and if all the people you can get it from are somehow unacceptable, you will be one lonely person. I hope this opens your eyes a little, as my eyes continue to open to the false notion of the seesaw dynamic.

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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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