The Softer Side of Benedict Cumberbatch

I know I’ve been hard on Benedict Cumberbatch, but it’s because somehow his words matter to me. If I ever meet him, I want him to think well of me – doesn’t everybody? With that aside, I am inclined to like him, even in his statements about people like me.

A recent viewing of August: Osage County impressed me all the more. He played a nephew of the main family, which was the ‘cover story’ of what really happened. (No spoilers here!) My mother said he was playing another autistic role, but I disagree on that one. He was thoroughly dominated and criticized. The best part, I believe, was a song he performed for his beloved. I did not know he could sing so well. It was sweet, and well done. Perhaps I am not used to seeing him in a softer role, but I feel better liking him, because he can do these things. Usually, the role Mr. C plays is a hard, somewhat jerky sort of role. I think we need to get him into some softer things…

Then again, I would like to see Benedict Cumberbatch do some comedy. I would like to see him just go all out and look ridiculous doing it. Maybe a tribute to the Colonel from Monty Python’s Flying Circus is in order? I’ve never seen him just go crazy. I think it would help his career, and show off his range, just to see him do outrageous comedy. Who’s with me?


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