Lady Ambrosia and the Damaged Ones

(SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead unless you have watched The Blacklist: Lady Ambrosia, or have no intention to avoid its spoilers.)

Now, on to what has poked my mind tonight. A certain episode of “The Blacklist” has gotten into my head, in a very good way. The episode was titled “Lady Ambrosia,” and was a nod to the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. However, this was no fairy tale. This was a woman who “turned children with disabilities into butterflies” by throwing them down a well. You can guess what really happens. She has a nonverbal autistic son, and a husband who follows her every whim. What I would like to focus on is the final scene between Raymond Reddington, the main character and an antihero, and Lady Ambrosia herself. Reddington aka Red discusses her past, of having a neurotypical child who drowned in an accident involving him and the autistic son. Her rationalizing just makes me sick. She says she “saves” the “damaged ones” from a world that hates and pities them (her words, not mine). Her son reacts by saying he’s “ugly,” (again, I do not agree), and Red tells he is entitled to whatever he needs, including a mother’s love. I’ll end the spoilers here, but the fate of Lady Ambrosia can be read above.

Listen up, neurotypical parents. Lady Ambrosia exists in every person who records a meltdown and puts it on YouTube, or some other public video site. (Do you like David Hasselhoff’s drunk burger on the floor video? It’s the same to me.) Lady Ambrosia exists in every person who “saves” their child by murdering him. Lady Ambrosia exists in every person who insists on institutionalizing and criminalizing autism by denying them help and accommodations until they land in jail. Lady Ambrosia exists in every person who thinks those with disabilities are lesser human beings. What I am saying is, if you pity or hate us, you are Lady Ambrosia.

You may think I am being too hard on autism caregivers…but the point is, if you’re having trouble, and need help, do not hesitate to get any. Keep calling out for help, but most importantly, hang in there. Keep pushing, keep praying, but most importantly, keep living. You do not know how close you are to aid. For instance, one woman who killed her autistic child and herself was one day away from her mother’s help arriving in the mail. If you stop and end it all, you are playing God and taking a life. You become Lady Ambrosia.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

2 thoughts on “Lady Ambrosia and the Damaged Ones”

  1. I agree with you, killing or harming a child or a person is not a way out.. Keep asking or scream for help. There are ways to deal with this but harming or killing is not one

  2. I agree, too. This is a form of mental derangement. I’ve seen this in various places (TV, news sites, etc) and I simply can’t wrap my head around how killing anyone (especially when not in self-defense) is OK. Especially an innocent person, and especially-especially an innocent child. I think that anyone who does this or agrees with it or justifies it should be permanently detained so that they can’t do any harm. ❤

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