The Infinity Rose for Autism Acceptance

TW: Autism Speaks, “cure” talk 


In case you have not noticed, I have changed my appearance for April. The changes come to support the Autism Acceptance Movement, which is currently counter to the Autism Awareness Movement. (The Autism Awareness movement has been hijacked by the group Autism Speaks.)

As you are well aware, Autism Speaks is mostly dedicated to “curing” the world of Autism. What you may not know is that Autism Speaks is a combined group, one of its major ones being Cure Autism Now and the National Association for Autism Research, also a group dedicated to “curing” the “disease” of autism. That, however, is not a view held by the autistic community.

According to the majority of the autistic community, autism is a neuro type – a different operating system of the brain. It is wired into the DNA of the individual. You cannot cure it or work against your neuro type; you can only work with your neurotype. The individual is only disabled because their neurotype is not accommodated – their neurotype is not worked with. Now if the neuro type is worked with, the individual will thrive. However, most people will not work with autism – they will only search for a “cure.”

Most autism parents search for a “cure” in vain because they cannot accept that their child will be different, and may not fit into society. They are simply afraid of what will happen to their child because they are different. Some of them even hate their child for being different. “I love my child but hate his/her autism” is evidence of this point.

Now, a little bit about the changes. As you can see, I have chosen the Red Infinity Rose for my personal symbol for April – for Autism Acceptance. The Rose is my favorite flower. In flower language, the red rose symbolizes passion, love, courage and power. The Infinity Symbol is recognized as the symbol for the Autistic Community. I put these together in love and hope, hope for the acceptance and empowerment of the autistic mind to its full potential.

You Have the Choice: Autism Acceptance (message to our allies; TW: Autism Speaks) — by Never Less Than Everything

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The Future of The Relationships of Robert DeNiro and Jenny McCarthy’s Children and Their Autism

I see a very bleak future for the relationships of Robert DeNiro and his child with autism. I also see the same bleak future for Jenny McCarthy and her son with autism as well. You see, they both have given credence to the “discussion” that vaccines cause the Big Bad Autism. The vaccines are not the problem. I am not going to talk about the vaccines. I am done talking about vaccines. What In want to talk about is these celebrities’ wholesale rejection of their children’s fundamental autism – they reject their children the way they are. And that has made the difference.

Autism is a neurotype which makes the brain function differently from the typical mind. It’s in our DNA. It makes us see and experience the world differently. Because of this, it is recognized as a disability, though it makes a very wide definition of disability. The thing is, autism is feared more than death from polio. You must really hate your child, Mr. DeNiro, if you think it was better to have them dead from a preventable illness than to have them alive and autistic.

Let me tell you your future with your child: Your child will learn of this film, “Vaxxed,” and will learn how hateful you are of this fundamental block of themselves. They will think, “If autism is bad, and I am autistic, that means I am bad.” They will turn against themselves. Or, the child will learn how hateful you are of this block of themselves, and turn against YOU. I have seen both of these experiences.

Both of these experiences are in your future, Mr. DeNiro and Ms. McCarthy, unless you come around to Autism Acceptance.

Autism Acceptance is a mindset where you accept the person as they are, warts and all, and love them that way. It sounds simple, but that’s often too hard for the average autism parent.

It’s like saying, “I love my child but hate their autism.” Autism may debilitate a person, but does it make them any less loveable, does it?

Easter Symbols

In case you have not noticed, I am a Christian, which means I believe that the biggest event in history was a Roman execution of a carpenter and apparent political upstart. It’s kind of weird that we wear the instrument of execution on our bodies and in our homes. It’s even weirder that we consider the carpenter and upstart the greatest man in history. And the weirdest of all, the fact is, some of the symbols of this event have nothing to do with the event in particular. I mean, what do Crucifixion and Resurrection have to do with candy bunnies and colored eggs?

Let me get to the most important part-the gist of the Gospel of Easter: Everybody sins, and the judgment of sin is death. Everybody dies, too. But the trouble is, death sends people to the realm of Hell. We needed a savior to save us from that fate. Trouble is, everybody sins, so there is no one who can. An innocent had to put on the sins of others to provide a way out, so… God sent his son to die the most brutal death in history, and rise again from the grave, to provide a way to be with God. That’s it. So, why do bunnies, flowers, eggs and bugs figure into the celebration?

Growing up, I originally thought the bunny and the egg were a little silly. I mean, as a Christian, how does any of that fit into the story of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection? There were no mentions of rabbits or eggs in the Bible anywhere. Nobody told me anything as to why until I was in my teens. Then, the prevailing church came to the Easter symbols’ attack. They were originally used as fertility symbols of non-Christian gods. However, these symbols were “Christianized,” or incorporated, into the celebration, given new meanings and new places inside Christianity.

The Holiday Spot  gives a concise meaning into the various symbols associated with Easter. I am perfectly alright with these traditional symbols, given their new meanings of new life. There are even symbols I did not know were incorporated into the celebration, such as the butterfly. The butterfly represents the spiritual metamorphosis the Christian soul and spirit undergo. It is my favorite symbol of Easter and spring. From death into life, the way of God goes.

The puzzle piece – symbol for Autism ? -by Suburp Comix

(autism) comics by suburp


I have really changed my mind about the puzzle piece since I first saw it in the context of Autism. I have read a few posts by autistic adults that clearly reject the symbolism. Read Autisticook’s post HERE, or other voices here, or here, for example.
But even without any association with the ‘big blue puzzle’ organisation, so many parents are embracing the symbol : It is present on most autism websites or blogs You can buy themed autism jewellery everywhere. And have you seen how many parents are getting puzzle piece tattoos with names of their autistic kids ? (i think this one is unrelated though….)
It may be too late to throw it overboard for this generation, but if opinions of the autistic bloggers are anything to go by, our children may grow up resenting that we allowed to stick a symbol on them…

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The Celibate Woman: A Misunderstood Individual

34 There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband.. ” -1 Corinthians 7:34 (KJV)

As a single woman of God, I am called to celibacy. Celibacy is simply the lifestyle of abstaining from sexual relations until I am married. It is an easy and happy lifestyle for me. But it did not start out that way…I had to ask God to remove and control my lusts for it to happen. There was also a time I would lament the fact that I did not have a husband. It turns out, having a husband is not a possibility, nor is it a real convenience for me right now. The trouble with celibacy is simply this: there is a lot of fear in our society of single and celibate women, especially since there are not a lot of them. I’m not going to pump out statistics on it, but you can look them up. I’m just happy being single and celibate, leaving dating and courtship behind for a while in order to fully pursue God.

The journey I am currently on began when my mother gave me a direct message from the Lord: that it was best that I not get married at the time, and I am certain because God gives her words to tell people all the time…and they are in line with God’s Word. This ended a period of time when I would lament not having a man to go home to, or take care of me. I thought I needed a man to complete me, because that is what most people say about women…unless, of course, you bring up your disability. Then you are apparently a being without a sexuality, which is just impossible. I had over time asked God to remove lusts I was having because of my lamenting over my singlehood. I look back now and believe this was the biggest cause of my agony.

There is a lot of fear concerning the celibate and single woman, especially when sexual experience is generally encouraged and prized in our society and media, especially from married women. I have noticed that I am not as encouraged to hold babies, nor generally be around them. Do people actually think I hate children? I love children. I love them so much that I do not want them to suffer in life with the autism I could pass on to them as their mother. That is why I do not have children, and that is the thing people do not understand about celibacy. There is usually a very good reason behind a person’s choice in life. The most enlightening question is usually “Why?” Do not fear the celibate woman, my married sister; she is not here to steal your husband.

My celibacy is also a gift from the Lord, to pursue Him with the passion he is pursuing me with. I want to follow Him with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength. I want to leave the world behind, and be involved with the things of God. That is my situation; if the Lord decides to bring me a man and change it, so be it; I am not going to try and change what the Lord has laid out.

Am I Going to Age Alone?

*TRIGGER WARNING: This is a reaction blog tied to the early death study from Sweden. Its source is linked to below.

Source: Large Swedish Study Ties Autism to Early Death

Only in the past 24 hours have the results of a large Swedish study been reported by major news sources. I am just as flabbergasted as many others to learn that it will only take until July 17, 2017 (less than two years away) for me to outlive many of my autistic peers. In case you are wondering, yes, that is my birthday. My 40th birthday, to be exact. It is a frightening statistic, to learn that when a learning disability is paired with autism, the average age of death is 39. Yes, 39. I turn 39 this year. I also have ADHD, which scares me too. (Does this mean I will outlive most of my peers?) If there was no concurring learning disability, the average age of death was 58, still very short from the average death age in the 70s. It scares me that I could soon be alone in this world, because I am aging faster and faster with time…and people like me are dying young. It’s not likely that I will die this year or the next by my own doing, since I am working to improve my overall health, mental and physical. Trouble is, I am allegedly going to be a rare case. You can read the article yourself…

I don’t know why it took so long to sound the alarm on early deaths and autism. Yes, there is a proven link. The study was published on December 11, 2015. Today is March 18, 2016. Four months is a really long time to wait to sound an alarm. Well, I guess we need to remind everyone that Autistic Lives Matter? Do we need to stage protests to get our message across? Nothing seems to work otherwise, and now we are dying young.

What will it take for the neurotypical to care?