Working With Political Divides

Now, about being a Republican, I need to add something: I am willing to work with Democrats. I don’t think we need to distance ourselves from fellow autistics because they are Democrats or Republicans. (Of course, this is just the U.S.  national. Feel free to include the number of major parties in your nations for comparison.) We do not need to divide people up that way in the mental illness or disability community, especially not before, during or after an election year. Of course, when you’re an active member of any party, just about every year is an election year. The party chooses its candidates in the primaries, etc., but I digress. We need autistics working with both Democrats and Republicans. The thing is, whether you get one party or another controlling a branch of a government (including state, local or national), it’s pretty clear that when you have people working with every party, you can be more sure that those elected may remember that autistics worked with them, so the autism acceptance agenda gets a better hedge against, say, Autism Speaks and other hateful organizations. Right now, providing parties with your volunteering and other contributions is one of the best ways to lobby autism acceptance into the party agenda. We need it in both parties, so both parties are willing to accept us into their ranks when any particular party gains control in government.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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