The Future of The Relationships of Robert DeNiro and Jenny McCarthy’s Children and Their Autism

I see a very bleak future for the relationships of Robert DeNiro and his child with autism. I also see the same bleak future for Jenny McCarthy and her son with autism as well. You see, they both have given credence to the “discussion” that vaccines cause the Big Bad Autism. The vaccines are not the problem. I am not going to talk about the vaccines. I am done talking about vaccines. What In want to talk about is these celebrities’ wholesale rejection of their children’s fundamental autism – they reject their children the way they are. And that has made the difference.

Autism is a neurotype which makes the brain function differently from the typical mind. It’s in our DNA. It makes us see and experience the world differently. Because of this, it is recognized as a disability, though it makes a very wide definition of disability. The thing is, autism is feared more than death from polio. You must really hate your child, Mr. DeNiro, if you think it was better to have them dead from a preventable illness than to have them alive and autistic.

Let me tell you your future with your child: Your child will learn of this film, “Vaxxed,” and will learn how hateful you are of this fundamental block of themselves. They will think, “If autism is bad, and I am autistic, that means I am bad.” They will turn against themselves. Or, the child will learn how hateful you are of this block of themselves, and turn against YOU. I have seen both of these experiences.

Both of these experiences are in your future, Mr. DeNiro and Ms. McCarthy, unless you come around to Autism Acceptance.

Autism Acceptance is a mindset where you accept the person as they are, warts and all, and love them that way. It sounds simple, but that’s often too hard for the average autism parent.

It’s like saying, “I love my child but hate their autism.” Autism may debilitate a person, but does it make them any less loveable, does it?


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

5 thoughts on “The Future of The Relationships of Robert DeNiro and Jenny McCarthy’s Children and Their Autism”

  1. Ah yes, autism. My wife’s two youngest (that’d make them mine as well, even though they are not blood) are “high functioning” autistic.
    It’s sad that every year that passes, we see more and more autistic births. I do not know if they are blessed or cursed. But “they” are our sobs and daughters and we need to love and protect them.

    1. When I see autism diagnoses, I want people not to be devastated. I want children not to hate themselves, or hate their parents for hating something about them. I guess I want autism not to be tragic.

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