The Infinity Rose for Autism Acceptance

TW: Autism Speaks, “cure” talk 


In case you have not noticed, I have changed my appearance for April. The changes come to support the Autism Acceptance Movement, which is currently counter to the Autism Awareness Movement. (The Autism Awareness movement has been hijacked by the group Autism Speaks.)

As you are well aware, Autism Speaks is mostly dedicated to “curing” the world of Autism. What you may not know is that Autism Speaks is a combined group, one of its major ones being Cure Autism Now and the National Association for Autism Research, also a group dedicated to “curing” the “disease” of autism. That, however, is not a view held by the autistic community.

According to the majority of the autistic community, autism is a neuro type – a different operating system of the brain. It is wired into the DNA of the individual. You cannot cure it or work against your neuro type; you can only work with your neurotype. The individual is only disabled because their neurotype is not accommodated – their neurotype is not worked with. Now if the neuro type is worked with, the individual will thrive. However, most people will not work with autism – they will only search for a “cure.”

Most autism parents search for a “cure” in vain because they cannot accept that their child will be different, and may not fit into society. They are simply afraid of what will happen to their child because they are different. Some of them even hate their child for being different. “I love my child but hate his/her autism” is evidence of this point.

Now, a little bit about the changes. As you can see, I have chosen the Red Infinity Rose for my personal symbol for April – for Autism Acceptance. The Rose is my favorite flower. In flower language, the red rose symbolizes passion, love, courage and power. The Infinity Symbol is recognized as the symbol for the Autistic Community. I put these together in love and hope, hope for the acceptance and empowerment of the autistic mind to its full potential.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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