Why Does “The DUFF” Shake Me?

I know this should not happen. “The DUFF” is just a movie. A pretty silly one, to be sure.

I was made fun of throughout high school, not just behind my back, but in front of me. It literally took an apology from one of these tormentors just to accept their Facebook friendship. Besides, people get bullied all the time. But what shakes me is that there was no one in my school to be on my side, except the teachers. I even worried about being called the Teacher’s Pet behind my back. Sure, people get bullied all the time. I’m pretty sure bullying is now so pervasive, people expect it. I certainly expected that people will be a bitch to you, no matter what.

I guess what really got my goat was that I had no friends to count on, nobody to even come to in my times of pain. I had never really experienced true friendship. I define true friendship as people who will stick by you no matter what, people who will stand up for you when you are being bullied. The girl in “The DUFF” had true friends. I did not. I mean, I don’t remember anyone standing up for me. No one came to my aid as I was being made fun of by Alicia Barcenas my senior year. Nobody came to my aid when I was being teased throughout middle school. I had to do everything ALONE. I mean, are there real, true friends in high school anyway? And if so, was I too weird or unacceptable to have any? WHY? What made me so ugly and unacceptable that people had to run away when I would try to be their friend? I

I guess I never really knew how to make friends, and to this day, I can only truly communicate my real feelings through what I do here, without anyone to make fun of or bully me.

So, if you’re willing to admit you know me, where are you and why can I not reach you?


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

One thought on “Why Does “The DUFF” Shake Me?”

  1. Cami, I was bullied and teased throughout school also. The tallest, the speech impediment, the braces, the second hand clothes. College was a great leveler for me, but beyond that knowing that you feel that you are worthwhile and living a a contended life can be the best revenge. Try not to worry about what was and focus on what future possibilities can be. You should read Susan Cain’s book, “The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”. It’s a book for those of us are quiet, but deep thinkers. Love you.

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