Do Autistic Lives Matter To You? 

I finally had to speak about the shooting of Charles Kinsey, who was trying to care for his autistic charge and got shot in the leg. What troubles me more is that they felt they had to shoot somebody. The officer said he was trying to kill the autistic subject. Seriously? Are police that trigger happy? Do they worship guns and power like a god? Is that supposed to make people like me feel better?

I wanted to talk about fun stuff, but issues like trying to kill autistic and black or brown people for not acting like servile Uncle Tom types scares me to no end. Are some police such cowards that they have to hide behind the gun? I think the answer is yes. Of course, I am wondering if I am, in someone’s mind, unfit to live.

I am autistic. Let’s see how I am portrayed in the media, followed by my reaction to the stereotype:

1) A Budding Mass Murderer. Why would I kill anyone outside of self-defense?

2) Fit for Murder. Here’s the reaction.

3) Useless. I usually do the cooking, cleaning, and general running of the house, as a caretaker for my disabled mother, as well as doing things for my aunt and uncle, who are also disabled. Would you like to call me “Useless” again? Many people with autism contribute to society in many ways. If they are taught and accepted, who knows what could be the limits of their potential?

4) A Sociopath / Psychopath. This is a common characterization, usually untrue 

5) Unemotional/Unempathetic. Have you read my last article?


This is by no means an exhaustive list. I wonder how much fear and loathing I would strike if I wore a puzzle piece T-Shirt or article of clothing? It scares me.

But by no means am I talking about all of the police officers out there. The truth is, I don’t think we have “bad” policing as the culprit. What we have is a system of fear, hate and continual subjugation in the name of “order” and “power” on the side of those who have power. Also, I would point to poor training in the police departments. This is 2016, people. Not everybody is going to react to the police in the same way all the time. Why are police not trained to see and handle autistic people, as inferred by the shooting of Charles Kinsey, or should I say, the attempted shooting of an unarmed autistic man?


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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