Autism Quackery, or the Effectiveness of So-Called Autism Cures 

Well, I had a time watching a 20/20 segment on the effectiveness of Miracle Mineral Solution, or MMS, touted by the Genesis II Church of Healing. It was touted as a cure for things from autism to breast cancer. What it is, however is a solution which, by citric acid as a catalyst, releases chlorine dioxide-basically bleach-into your system. I’m not a scientist, but average bleach containers maintain it is not to be ingested. People have even died as a result of ingesting this stuff, including one person in the 20/20 report. Again, I am not a scientist, but should you not drink or anally ingest something that induces diarrhea, vomiting and possible anemia? Some people think the aforementioned are signs the stuff is working. I still don’t get it.

The so-called science associated with MMS is that autism is caused by parasitic germs in the digestive system. This is false. According to the latest autism cause research, it is genetics which determine the existence of autism. With this in mind, I have decided to debunk various so-called cures that the “cure” camp of autism parents uses in order to make their child neurotypical, which, according to the latest science, is impossible.

Nutritional Supplements

-Believes that the right prescription of biomedical aids (such as vitamins) helps the brain and body function better

-Uses vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and omega-3 fish oil

-Believes autism can be cured through the oversupplying of nutrients

-Similar to the MMS hypothesis used to tout that, as stated above

-Causes nutritional imbalances, which could worsen symptoms

Stem Cells

-Stem cells used for various diseases, clinical trial stage only

-Side effects unknown

-Effectiveness unknown

-The Most “promising” of the therapies

Dietary Approaches

-Believes autism is caused by sensitivities and allergies to food

-Similar theory to MMS and Supplements

-Often causes deficiencies due to nutrient denial


-Often touted by anti-vaccine crowd

-Believes to cure “vaccine damage,” a multiple-disproven “cause” of autism

-Can cause cancer, neurodevelopmental disorder from toxicity, and death

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

-Touts a wide range of diseases

-Only approved by FDA for certain medical uses

-Can lead to paralysis, air embolism

-Since Oxygen is used, risk of fire

Detoxifying Clay Baths

-Hypothesis: Based on chemical toxicity

-No known side effects

-No known effectiveness tests or measurements

Spiritual-Based Healing Processes

-Includes psychics and exorcists

-No known measured effectiveness

Applied Behavior Analysis

-Usage of various supposed behavioral techniques

-Based on reward system

-Tactics often include withholding food and special interests to achieve desired behavior

-Reports of people unable to communicate “No” and possible increased risk of rape in girls and women

-Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder reported in autistic adults who underwent this

-Controversial; most-applied cure/technique

“Le Packing”

-A common French practice of wrapping children in ice-cold blankets and sheets

-Not exactly sure what kind of science is behind this, but seriously: wet blankets?

-Can lead to hypothermia and pneumonia

And the only known effective technique…..

Autism Acceptance and Support

-Involves working within the parameters of the autism level

-Teaching communication

-Majority of autistic children become verbal at some point

-Nonverbal autistic people communicate too, using supportive technology

-Approves of non-harmful stimming

-Stimming is used to deal with discomforts, including excessive sensory input and emotion

-Teaching social skills using explanation and modeling


Boxed Up

Now, for some strange reason, I get troubled by shows with fat women. Why is it, when a woman in particular is cast who has a little weight, that weight is her defining characteristic? What about her interests, her favorite teams or hobbies? Do they think fat people have no hobbies? That’s insane. I will give TV shows more credit in the 2016 viewing season. Katy Mixon and Chrissy Metz-two plus size women on TV, with more to name, I’m sure. Although I consider it a baby step, it’s a step in the right direction. It also looks like the viewing public likes women we, the American Public, can relate to. This does not trouble me. What troubles me, in fact, is the fact that weight is a major issue for their characters. I mean, not only is it a major issue, it seems to be the box that the person is put in has little room to move, or even breathe, except for the way the box defines.

I have always had trouble fitting into the boxes society has had for me. Short, white, autistic, fat…it seems that no matter what box you go in, there is only one way to fit inside the box. Most of the time, though, I cannot fit inside it. Take autistic, for example. For some reason, the box of autism’s rules are like this:

-No talking

-No popular special interests

-No relatability

-No girls (Yes, some girls miss out on their paper diagnosis due to the fact they are girls)

-No individuality

Do you see the problem here? According to most people, I stopped being “autistic” according to the box’s rules at various points in my life, maybe even at conception. That is not fair! That is not fair to talking autistics. That is not fair to autistics who like popular things, like Pokemon and NKOTB. It is not fair to autistics who can relate to non-autistics. It is definitely not fair to autistic girls. It is definitely not fair to autistic people, because they are very individual. I have not met one autistic who was too much like another autistic, or too much like anyone else.

This particular box-placing and box-busting can be applied to any particular “box” or “label” that people are put in. There are black people accused of not being “black enough” for various reasons. The various sexualities abounding have their own stereotypes and breakable “rules” that they must contend with. I don’t like boxes. Stop putting me in them.

#NoOneAskedUs, the #ActuallyAutistic ~ The meaning behind the hashtag

I feel ignored and undervalued all the time, and I have been all my life.

the silent wave

The most widely-used and well-researched standardized assessment for a variety of mental disorders is the Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory, or MMPI (link to decent Wiki article).  The test was developed using empirical data, “with clinical scales derived by selecting items that were endorsed by patients known to have been diagnosed with certain pathologies”.

In other words, the experts asked the patients themselves.

Then, those experts compiled the data (the patients’ answers/statements), and distilled them down into a widely-used, highly-respected diagnostic test.

That makes perfect sense to me.  Firsthand information can be some of the best information.

But these developers did this…even though the patients were considered (by conventional standards) not to be of sound mind.

That doesn’t change my “that makes sense” verdict; it still makes sense to me to develop a test this way.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that nobody has bothered to do the same…

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Election Stress Disorder

Have you been disappointed by one candidate, or two, or three, or even four? Are you feeling stressed? Are you getting sick easier? Do you need a break from all the political craziness? Chances are, you, like 52% of Americans, suffer from Election Stress Disorder. From the allegations of sexual assault around one presidential candidate, to the allegations ranging from carelessness to treason around the other, no wonder a majority of Americans suffer from Election Stress Disorder, hereby referred to as ESD. It’s kind of like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, except the trauma, which is the stress from the current election, seems to be ongoing at this point. You can simply search for information regarding how and why this phenomenon exists, but I have learned there are good coping techniques for this kind of stress. Here are a few:

1. Take a Break From Media. Or Two. Or More.

I’m serious. Get off social media, turn off the TV and the radio, warn others you’re not taking political talk anymore, and take some time for yourself. The post about someone else’s meal, baby, pet, etc. Will be there when you get back. This is also a common technique for self-care. People are crazy with stress; take a break from them.

2. Volunteer.

It’s a common fact that once you turn negative energy into positive energy, you feel better. Volunteering for your passion or cause is a perfect way to do that.

3. Have Your Say at the Voting Booth.

That’s what voting is all about-having your say. I don’t have to remind Americans that voting no matter how stressed you are, how much you feel punched in the gut, that you can say everything you can with your vote. Sure, Big Social Media might try to herd you into the two major choices, but you could start a sea change away from the two-party tug-of-war that might give a better candidate a chance to vote in the future.

4. Stay in the Moment.

This is crucial to happiness, and it encompasses so many things. Many ways to stay in the moment are there.

5. Stay Spiritual/Religious.

That is, if you are Spiritual or Religious. People with religious or spiritual sides are reported to be less stressed. I’m not


I don’t care what one candidate or the other wants to be cancelled. Humor has the same effect of spirituality on stress. Besides, who hasn’t found something to laugh about this particular election?

And Finally, One for THIS Election:

Remember, this election is geared for the Toddler Brain.

Have you seen the Twitter accounts of these candidates? Come on, with all the mudslinging happening around this time, you wonder how low any of this is willing to go. I’m almost scared to watch the final debate due to the risk of physical violence. That’s how toddler it feels to me.

I would like to remind you that if you have ESD, you are not alone. Check out my last blog post for living proof. The post is called “A Deplorable Pig-Dog Speaks.”