Echo Chambers and Yes Men

I wonder if my blog is not more exposed or read because it’s more politically conservative. That worries me. I mean, I’m not exactly an echo chamber, but is the echo chamber what the people really want?

Do people really just want echo chambers?

Why do people just want to be agreed with? Is it pride? Is it the fear of pain when the mind if being stretched? It bothers me that many people only want to be agreed with. I mean, it may involve a little humiliation. It may involve the stripping away of pride. It may involve being vulnerable. Thing is, when your mind grows, it grows out of the confines of the box you put it in. I mean, what if your idea is a bad one? Don’t you want to know that your idea will fail? Plus, when your idea fails, you will be humiliated further than seeking out the advice you needed for it to succeed. You don’t want to be exposed as a fool. That’s the trouble with echo chambers and Yes Men. They will not shield you from being exposed as a fool.



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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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