In case clinicians are wondering how to support an #autistic #woman

I have only struggled less because my mother accepts me the way I am.

Aspie Under Your Radar

doctor talk to a robot I’m on the left

Here’s what I wish my healthcare providers would know – at a bare minimum:

First, I respect you. I absolutely do. Thing is, I’m terrible at reading faces, to begin with. And I don’t really “get” the whole professional interaction thing. I don’t know how to behave with you in ways that indicate my respect and regard. I’m factual. I’m objective. I deal in data. And if you talk to me in terms of what I consider phantasmagorical medical mythology, you will quickly know how little I think of your opinion. But that doesn’t mean I think any less of you. Big distinction. But then, in the 15 minutes I have with you, there’s no time to explain.

If I’m seeing you, I’m probably stressed. I’ve probably been stressed for a while, because I put off seeing you as long as possible, out of dread for what…

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