Find Your Spoon Refill Giver 

This is for spoonies. Spoonies are a group of people who have limited energy due to one or more of a myriad of conditions the world has not adjusted to. Autism, depression, chronic illness, injury, you name it. The spoon theory shows that people with certain conditions, by which the above is no means an exhaustive list, have to look at their energy the way most people look at time: there is only so much of it they have. For people, like me, there is possibly one or more thing out there that can give us a boost in the energy department. I call it the Spoon Refill Giver.

The Spoon Refill Giver is something different for everyone. It could be coffee, a nap, or even a certain routine. You never know what it is, until you find it. For me, my spoon refill giver is getting dressed. Somehow, in a way I can’t explain, putting on day clothes other than house clothes gives me an energy boost that something might be happening today. It refills one of my own spoons. And if you’re a spoonie like me, it’s essential to find something that fills your energy spoons, instead of taking your energy. I’m still new to the concept of spoons, though I have found at least one of my spoon refill giver. I know for a fact that getting dressed actually costs many people a spoon, so the Spoon Refill is obviously different from others.

I’ve just realized there is another Spoon Refill Giver: Channeling your emotions. Somehow, I have been able to harness the power of positive emotion on some things. This blog is an example of channeling your passions into word and deed. Maybe I brag too much right now, but this also refills at least one if not more spoons when I can do it.

I will not criticize your spoon refill giver, because that is never one of them. There are various things which it could be, but here are some things your Spoon Refill Giver is not: an addiction, a toxic or codependent relationship, or anything which seems to give you energy, but in fact takes it away. For many people, alcohol is an addiction. Sure, alcohol lowers your inhibitions, and that might be good to an extent. But if you come to depend on it, it will eventually empty your spoons, your bank account, and eventually your life. You need to be careful and discerning with what you choose to refill your energy.

For what it’s worth, a refill of one of your energy units (called spoons) is something healthy you can incorporate into your life. It gives you energy to get through the day. It’s different for everyone, but it is out there. So, go and find your Spoon Refill Giver.


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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