Autism Reality Show: A Reality Show No One Wants, But One We Need 

I Just read an article about a TV show concerning an autistic character. According to the review, it is simply the same “Experts because they know someone autistic” who gets a LOT of autism wrong. The show has not even come out on Netflix yet, and I’m disappointed. Maybe it could apply to one autistic character or person, but not a great majority. See, there is autism in all races, cultures, genders and sexualities.

I somehow think that the best interpretation of autism on TV is one which groups several autistic people together, of different ages, races and genders, and simply follows them around. You know, an autism reality show. No inspiration porn, no neurotypical censorship, no getting autistics wrong. Just autistic people, navigating a world that is not for them. But I think nobody will take it. Neurotypicals like to get autistic people and put them in a little box. Trouble is, if you don’t fit in this little box, you’re not autistic. Even professionals withhold help because women and people of color, and successful people too, do not fit into this little box. They withhold help in the form of refusing to diagnose autistic people with their autism. This is why we need an autism reality show in the form I described.

Besides, if you were a bird who could fly, would you rather not learn how to fly from a bird?


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

2 thoughts on “Autism Reality Show: A Reality Show No One Wants, But One We Need ”

  1. My son is on the autism spectrum and we are constantly told that at his level of “disability” he shouldn’t be able to do this and that. I think our approach was radically different, partly because I am a wheelchair user. We never fit in the normal box so why should we care if he does? We didn’t demand him to fit into a neurotypical world; we found a way to fit into his world. When we understood his perspective more, we understood how to help him navigate our world. It’s amazing to see how his mind works. We say that he doesn’t suffer from autism; we’re loving every bit of it. That’s the kind of autism spectrum that I want to see on screen. I would love to see a group of diverse people who have “normal” lives and just happen to have autism. I don’t need to see another show about how hard/sad/pitiful/tragic that having an autistic child is for the parents or siblings.

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