Where are the Girly Autistics, TV People?

I have a problem. There is a dearth of people with autism who like to wear makeup. Sure, some of us autistic people may dislike the look and feel of makeup on their faces, but not me. I love the way my makeup makes me look and feel. Also, once fashion, or more appropriately, style, was demystified for me, I figured out how to use it, too. I like makeup, I like fashion, and I have autism. So why am I nonexistent in the media?
I have a feeling that I am not supposed to be womanly and autistic at the same time. I feel like I am wrong and rebellious when I am in makeup and stylish clothes. That to be autistic, I have to abandon my genuine likes and my being myself in order for people to believe me. I feel weird and like an outsider for being both autistic and girly, or womanly. I also feel this is wrong. So, tell me, media, where are the girly autistics?


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

2 thoughts on “Where are the Girly Autistics, TV People?”

  1. I’m very into clothes – it’s one of my special interests. It started as part of the masking, long before I knew I’m autistic, if I looked “normal” on the outside nobody would realise. These days it’s just my special interest, not masking.

    I like wearing nail varnish, eye shadow and eye liner, sometimes mascara too.

    But I have sensory processing disorder and hypersensitivity to mascara and it gets in my eyes. I can’t handle foundation on my skin, I tried it once and it felt like I had cement on my face.

    I can’t wear high heals because I have dyspraxia and can’t walk in them, I’d end up in A&E.

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