Lumped in With a Mass Murderer

About the Parkland, Florida shooter being autistic: There are now people or gangs of people who will come up to me and ask me what it’s like to be a potential mass murderer, all because I am autistic. It has happened before, and due to human nature to condemn needlessly, it will happen again. How does that feel, they ask? It feels awful. I feel blamed for something I never intend to do. My family grew up hating guns. Sure, they won’t stop a person from defending themselves with a handgun, they see that. But to violate and invalidate my rights while people are potentially out to get me is wrong.  

I feel that because the Florida shooter was autistic, and I am autistic too, people are now out to get me. That is textbook paranoia. I am now feeling paranoid. 

Are you happy now?  


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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

One thought on “Lumped in With a Mass Murderer”

  1. It’s bad enough for an adult, but what about autistic kids being constantly viewed with suspicion because they might end up being a “shooter.” You’re not paranoid–the media really are out to get you.

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