White Genocide: Fear or Guilty Conscience?

I have stared into the abyss of racism. And it was not pretty. I made the mistake of web searching white genocidethis morning, and boy, was it ugly. Fear and racism everywhere. But my question is why? Why are we so afraid of persons of color? Is it a numbers game, or a guilty conscience?

 Lets be honest here, a guilty conscience is the reason most white genocide fears keep going. Lets start with the obvious: Genocide? Strangely enough, there are instances of genocide in white history. Another fear: Enslavement? Yes, there is racial enslavement in white history. We fought a Civil War to end it. Taking our jobs and resources? Hell, that sounds like karma. Weve been taking the best of all the world for years! The Koh-I-Noor Diamond, from what is now Iran? On top of the British Queen Mothers crown. Now, Im not condemning the British Monarchy by any means. What I am saying is that since white people have thought themselves superior, they have run roughshod over all the other races, leaving them to think that if the other races gain control, they will run roughshod over them. Its all in guilt and shame.

I know just about nobody will change their mind by just what I say or write. I’ve even been called a race traitor. But if being a race traitor is what it takes to clear a guilty conscience, then why not?

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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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