You make me feel disabled. Yes, you.

I always figured people in high school just tolerated me…because I was too autistic to fit in. Pensive Aspie communicates this much better than I ever could.

Pensive Aspie


When I think about my Asperger’s, I rarely think of it as a disability.  Most of the time, I don’t feel disabled.  I’m definitely differently abled.  There are weaknesses, but there are strengths too. I choose to focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses.  Even though I prefer not to look at myself as disabled, there are things that friends, coworkers, and family members do that make me feel disabled and incompetent.

You don’t recognize that my body language is almost incapable of lying.

With practice, I have learned the art of conversation. Time has taught me that people really only want others to agree with them.  I can find a way to avoid hurting your feelings by complimenting your ugly dress without lying when you ask “Don’t you just love it?”  I can reply truthfully “That orange color is so bright and perky!” (Yes. The color…

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About Systematic Rape and Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

WARNING: Content includes talk of rape, coverup and sexual abuse. Proceed with caution.

What can I say? That it literally took getting secular police involved to expose the scandal? That coverup and lies were the norm? That the Church has traumatized people with its policies against my loving God? It is literally the scandal of our time. Now, there is at least one person calling on the current Pope to resign. This is beginning to raise questions in the minds of people. 

Are there people who don’t know who their fathers are because of the coverup policies? The answer is yes. The media exposed at least one. Are there people who are suffering from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases because of the policies of the church? There hasn’t been anyone exposed yet, but I’m sure there are. Are there celebrities who have been abused by priests and are dealing with the repercussions in rage? I don’t know, but Kevin Smith, the mind behind the movie Dogma, is a good candidate. I’m not saying he was abused, but his material makes you wonder. 

This is also raising questions in my own mind and heart.  

Did my best friend suffer at the hands of somebody in the Catholic Church? Yes, I was best friends with a Catholic girl. We met in public school. I’m not sure if she did suffer, since I never saw her get alone with anyone working in the church, but you’re never quite sure. How many of my friends and colleagues suffered at the hands of these priests and others? How much sex did superiors extort from the priests in the coverups? You know, how much “Suck my dick or I’ll tell” happened? We may never know.  

Now here’s the meat of the conversation: How many people were turned away from God because of these actions? How much hypocrisy does it take to get people to hate God? I hear it isn’t much these days. That is what the Catholic Church ought to be worried about. Their hypocrisy has become a destructive force to their ministry. The scandal they tried to avoid, only blew up in their faces.  

What does the Catholic Church do at this point? The Bible says, “If we confess our sins, He (God) is able to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9) But they must do more. They must understand that people, including priests and nuns, are human, and as such, have sinful desires, such as sex with children and teenagers. They need a plan to expose and purge out the evil, not cover it up. We are living in the effect of covering it up. The Church has let the leprosy grow, and now the resulting scandal threatens them all.  

I guess, the one thing we need to learn is: Your sins will find you out.  

Kentucky Representative Race: Amy McGrath and….. Who?

This is about the race for a seat in the House of Representatives. The two major candidates are Amy McGrath, Democrat, and Andy Barr, Republican.  

Now, here’s the thing. I know Lt. Colonel Amy McGrath is running against Andy Barr. If we were to go on the political ads, we know about Amy’s look, supporters, military record, fundraising support, similar candidates, possibly everything you might be able to display about a candidate. 

But all we know about Andy Barr, her opponent, is that he voted party line 98% of the time.  

There seems to be very little told about Andy Barr.

That’s the trouble with running solely attack ads. It seems like you yourself have nothing to offer. I suspect that is not truly the case. Is Barr putting all his political eggs in the incumbency basket? I don’t get it. People are tired of “politics as usual.” That’s why they voted for Donald Trump. They knew he was not a politician. It seems to be translating into a loss of power for incumbency so far.   

And that’s a potential misjudgment for the incumbent. Think about it.  

Women in Hollywood: Just Like Football Players

I’ve been trying to boil down a similar thing for men to understand the average Hollywood actress’ career. Then, as I noticed that Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger were about my age, and most quarterbacks aren’t, and I figured it out: Hollywood actresses have careers like football players! (American football, by the way) Anyway, the point is, both careers are very short and very much based on their abilities: football stars on athletic abilities; and women in Hollywood on their sexual pleasure ability. (Just thank God I didn’t use the original words. I’m not one to mince them.) I get it.  

The Problem with Comparisons

An autistic person of color recently brought up a really valid point: many times, when persons of color bring up racism in the world, and even in autistic circles, many white people come up with “But you can’t condemn us! We’re LESS RACIST than neurotypicals!” or some other self-gratifying comparison. Here’s the problem with comparisons: they expose that you’re still affected by the same thing as the person you’re distancing yourself from! If you’re “less racist,” you’re still racist. If you’re “more open-minded,” that doesn’t mean your mind is completely open. You can’t excuse yourself from improvement. Just because you’re ahead of somebody in the race, it does not mean you are at the finish line. Self-improvement and tolerance are marathons, not the long jump. There is still work that needs to be done. Hitler was and is not the only Nazi, David Duke is not the only member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Big Bang Theory – Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas for The Big Bang Theory 

I’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory, mostly in reruns, but I think we need an update. Here are a few fresh ideas, right from inside the show storylines itself. Here are a few suggestions: 

Leonard and Penny 

A Baby – to bring up the challenges and failings of both Leonard and Penny’s parents. Considering the failings of Leonard’s mother to actually love him, and make him earn her love, this is a goldmine. 

Key Scene: After the baby is born 

Mother: Do you think I could hold the baby for one cotton-picking minute? I held you as a baby. 

Leonard: No – YOU’RE going to have to EARN holding the baby! 


Don’t you finally think it’s time to give Raj a girlfriend of boyfriend? I’m tired of the Desperate Single Man shtick. Besides, we have Stuart for that.

Sheldon and Amy 

Why don’t we let Sheldon or Amy be autistic? Either one can be a good candidate. Not every autistic person is Rain Man (which is now considered a slur, thank you very much)! Besides, it could be a conduit for his or her genius! 

Also, my main beef with not giving Sheldon a diagnosis is that here is the thrust of the showrunners’ behavior:

We can mock autism as long as we don’t name autism.

Key Scene: Discussing the Diagnosis (I’m using Sheldon as the one with it) 

Penny: So, all autistic people are like you? 

Sheldon: Of course not. Not all autistic people are like me. I’m brilliant! 

Leonard: You just insulted your own diagnosis. 

Sheldon: No, I didn’t. Very few people are as brilliant as me, even if they are autistic.  

Howard and Bernadette 

Just bring Howard’s father into his life, and put a reality show filming the meeting. This one practically writes itself. 

Key Scene: Daddy Comes Over 

(John Wolowitz is a reality show king. He enters with a camera crew and a tacky suit.) 

Howard: So, you’re Shmuel Wolowitz? 

John: In the flesh.  

Howard: What are you doing here in my house? 

John: I’m your Daddy!  

(Switch to reality show camera filming) 


(Howard jumps on John, pummeling him.) 

(Switch to a TV screen with fight on it) 

Bernadette: Nice going. And you were once an astronaut! 


I don’t have to see these particular storylines. I was just throwing them out there.