Iron Man and Batman: Same Guy, Different Universes?

Now, put down your torches and pitchforks. I am not here to make you choose between Marvel or DC comics. This is not a versus post. To be honest, I am surprised that no one will observe or admit that this is even a thing. I find it proof of the old adage “Great minds think alike,” but if you’re itching for a fight, go down to the local bar and have a drunken brawl, and LEAVE ME ALONE.  

If we are going to be civilized, I would like to point out that there are many similarities between Iron Man and Batman, which I have laid out in this chart:  

Batman Iron Man 
Born into family of rich industrialists
Born into family of rich industrialists 
Parents killed  Parents killed by the Winter Soldier (under brainwashing) 
Uses a powerful suit filled and gadgets Uses a powerful suit filled with gadgets 
Part of a team of superheroes Part of a team of superheroes 
Industrial Genius Industrial/Technical Genius 
Intense Fight with Superman Intense Fight with Captain America and Winter Soldier 

Now the question is begged: How would this play out? Honestly, it could go one of three ways: One, it could end up in an intense techno-fistfight a la intense fights with previous superheroes, which leads to the destruction of both men’s inventories. Two, it could bring about a bonding over shared experiences. The most likely scenario, though, is a combination of both. What I mean is, there is potential for a large fistfight with, just before the destruction, others intervene, like Superman or Doctor Strange, for instance, revealing the good in both…and eventual bonding and fight against who or what led them to clash in the same dimension in the first place. That is how comics tend to go nowadays.  


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3 thoughts on “Iron Man and Batman: Same Guy, Different Universes?”

  1. Warnings/Disclaimers: on the autism spectrum, comics demi-fan from waaay back (but not one of the rabid ones, per se), and also into fanfiction. Or in other words, you have hit one of my Areas Of Interest, and we may be here a while.

    The core difference between Bruce Wayne/Batman and Tony Stark/Iron Man is this: Bruce Wayne is Batman’s alter ego, while Iron Man is Tony Stark’s alter ego. So they have rather different priorities as to how they’re going to solve problems in the first instance – Tony will tend to throw money and technology at things, Batman will get out there and stalk the streets dressed up in a spooky cape to track down perpetrators.

    Some fanfic answers to the question of “how would they get along?”

    A Real Party by Copperbadge – where Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are pretty much of the same overall social stratum outside their super-heroic pursuits, and therefore occasionally get together to set up fund-raisers for various things, and to work together on projects.

    When they finally come to destroy the earth (they’ll have to go through you first) by AlchemyAlice – this is another one where Bruce and Tony are basically of the same social stratum, to the extent of attending the same boarding school and sharing classes, becoming allies and reluctant friends, as well as watching each other become superheroes.

    (leave them stunned and stuttering is a sequel, of sorts, in which Tony Stark teaches Batman the value of teamwork.)

    I tend to go along with the assumption that because both Batman and Iron Man are billionaire genius technologists as well as superheroes, both of whom are (loosely) based in the north-eastern United States of America, they’re almost certain to know each other socially (and wouldn’t it be a hoot if Warner and Disney decided to play the fans on both sides, and had Robert Downey Jnr showing up in a cameo in one of the next Batman movies as Tony Stark, the way that Elon Musk did a cameo in Iron Man II?) and while they might not be tendering for the same sorts of government projects, they’d almost certainly have shares of each other’s corporations as part of their portfolios. Even if they can’t stand each other in person, they’d probably be able to feign politeness in public, and that would carry through to their superhero selves as well.

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