World Autism Day Stream of Consciousness

So, it’s like World Autism Day or something….Autism Speaks, which wants to Make Autistics Neurotypical Again – as if they were neurotypical in the first place – still holds the TODAY Show firmly in its ironclad grip. I could not watch it after my mother left the room to lay down, to be honest.

With that out of the way, I would like to spend this time promoting Autism Acceptance, by describing what I do in a typical week. (A typical day is not too achievable.)

Monday, I clean the kitchen. Tuesday, I dust and vacuum the Great Room. Wednesday, I clean the bathroom. Thursday and Friday, I clean a bedroom each. I rest on the weekend, I guess. Every day, I cook 2-3 meals, do the dishes from each, walk a small dog, and help my mother with various tasks around the house (apartment).

I can change a tire. I can act neurotypical in public; I mask pretty well.

Apparently, since I’m not Dustin Hoffman or Jim Parsons or something like that, I fool people out of thinking I’m autistic.

Do you know why I prefer to call myself autistic?

Because I am autistic; it is in my DNA. There are a lot of eccentrics in my family, many of them showing autistic traits. Many people in the family refuse to accept this (poor things), while it is an accepted reality among others.

I have a young autistic cousin, in fact. I hope he can have a better story than mine, one of acceptance. Kids like him are why I fight.

I want autistic people to have an adulthood that does not include bitterness, like mine did for a while. Yes, I was bitter for a long time. The trouble is that I questioned my own rights to do something like not be able to handle a glass coffee press, for instance. (I learned almost too late there are metal ones which work just fine.) I don’t want my cousin to question if it’s okay to exist in his current form, quirks and all.

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Autistic woman in her 40s, bringing attention to issues that affect her and her kind.

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