A Word on Toxic Positivity

First, let’s get to the meat of it: what IS toxic positivity?
It’s denial masquerading as positivity. Here’s an Illustration:

Picture 1: A dog sitting at a table in a room on fire.
Picture 2: Dog says in speech bubble, “This is fine.”

Just so you know, this is the start of a comic in which the dog’s face eventually melts off in the fire, even though he stays “positive,” aka in denial. Why do I say denial? BECAUSE THE ROOM IS ON FIRE! I need to ask this question: If your emotions are on fire, do you say “this is fine,” or do you acknowledge that your emotions are on fire? Duh, you admit your emotions are on fire. Toxic Positivity does not do that. It only glosses over any emotional turmoil you’re going through.
The best course of action for emotions is to let the emotion run its course. It’s like hiccups. Very few people will admit that hiccups will subside within two hours in almost all cases, so they gauge crackpot cures, like scaring the sufferer. It’s this toxic focus on “positivity” without acknowledging a person needs to acknowledge their emotions that are bogging them down.
So, what do we do when faced with troubles that bring up emotions? Well, we acknowledge our emotions about the situation, and THEN we go about solving the problem, if we can. If not, we just let our emotions subside. Usually, an emotion too shall pass.
Anyway, here’s another way to put it. There are people out there to harm themselves deliberately. I’ve even known a few of them. They explain to me that the reason they harm themselves, is to release all the pent-up frustration and unacceptable emotion. This is a side effect of toxic positivity.
Yet another way to put it: drug addicts tend to be traumatized people. They tend to want to avoid their unacceptable emotions by using drugs, and then they get physically and psychologically dependent on the drugs. An addiction is born. All because of toxic positivity.
Then there’s tha stigma: “No one wants to hear about your depression.”
Well, I’d rather hear about your depression…
….than hear about your self-harm,
….than hear about your drug addiction,
….than hear about your death.
If the room is on fire, This is NOT FINE.

Why We Routine: Avoiding Chernobyl in Our Heads

Is there a reason autistic people prefer routines? Yes. The purpose of the routine, for the autistic person, is to control the flow of uncertainty into their mind.  

Here is how an autistic mind deals with uncertainty: information, from all five senses, and from the mind itself, floods the mind, and eventually overwhelms it, leading to what we autistics call “meltdown” or “shutdown.” It’s like the Chernobyl disaster, but inside your head.  

So, what do we do to avoid Chernobyl inside our heads? We stick to routine. We try to control what is going on.  

Even I have a morning routine. We get up, I make breakfast, which is usually an egg and toasted something, with a tomato for my mother. Then, I study the Bible and walk my dog, not necessarily in that order. I’ve gotten more flexible with my routine over the years.  

Give Halle Bailey a Chance

I don’t know who needs to read this title, but somebody does. Here’s why: 

Disney has a history of casting Afro-Caribbean voices in Little Mermaid roles, and their peripherals, beginning with Sebastian the Crab in the animated movie. Why, in “Once Upon a Time,” this is Ursula: 


This is Ursula’s daughter Uma in the Descendants series: 

And now we have Halle Bailey playing Ariel.  

Now, I know Ariel was a redhead in the original animated movie, and white. But the truth is, there is a history for both sides of this color argument.  

So, what’s a girl like me to do? 

I decided to give all the noise a break, and check the biggest plot point of the Little Mermaid: the mermaid’s voice. She is supposed to have the most beautiful in the ocean.  

Exhibit A. Isn’t it lovely? 

That was all the evidence I needed.  

What about the hair? This is Disney. They are a Hollywood Juggernaut. They can get good, water-resistant hair color. 

What about the other family members? Cast accordingly. Both Idris Elba and Terry Crews would make a great Triton.  

If you want white princesses, go for Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle, Merida, Anna, Elsa and, like 50 other princesses I’m forgetting for some reason. I think Halle Bailey is a great choice for Ariel. So, wake up and smell the coffee. We are now a nation of many colors. Representation matters.  

A Word on Beach Bodies

All you have to do to get a Beach Body in three steps:

  1. Get a body.
  2. Put swimwear (that fits!!!) on it.
  3. Put sunscreen on it.
  4. Take this body to the beach. (Pool, lake, etc.)

Allow me to present an example:

A Beach Body

I named this suit the Marilyn, because that’s how sexy it makes me feel.

I recently came to this conclusion after learning that nobody is really looking at and judging your body as hard as they are looking at and judging their own. And if they are, you probably don’t need their company anyway.